WWE Raw live results (New Champion appears; Lashley responds to Goldberg): 26 July, 2021

WWE Raw live results (New Champion appears; Lashley responds to Goldberg): 26 July, 2021


With WWE Money in the Bank PPV, officially in the books, we are now on the road to WWE Summerslam. The feuds for “The Biggest Party of the Summer” have started taking shape and we will storylines progress on Raw.


Stay tuned for WWE Raw live results.

WWE Raw live results: Nikki A.S.H celebrates her Championship win

wwe raw live results
Raw Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H.

The show started with the new Raw Women’s Champion, Nikki A.S.H. coming out and welcoming everyone to Raw. She said she was happy and that it felt like a dream when the WWE Universe started the ‘You deserve it’ chants. She said that no matter what, if someone believed in themselves, they can do anything. Charlotte Flair then came out and called the champion a disgrace. She then insulted Rhea Ripley and said Nikki stole her title. Flair then asked for a rematch at Summerslam and blamed the WWE Universe for everything that happened.

Rhea Ripley then came out and said Flair could just hold the title for one day. Ripley then asked for a rematch at Summerslam when Nikki said nobody could defeat her. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville then came out and made it a triple threat match at Summerslam. Flair then attacked Ripley when Nikki took her out of the ring standing tall in the end.


WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest def Sheamus (United States Championship contendors match)

The match started with Sheamus taking Priest down with his power when the latter took the champion down with an arm drag. Sheamus then tried to fight back but Priest was able to take him down. The champion then fought back and slammed Priest on the ring apron. Priest then took over and delivered a chokeslam to Sheamus for two close counts when the latter delivered a slam to buy some time. Priest then delivered some power strikes when Sheamus delivered a knee to the jaw of Priest for two counts. Priest then delivered the face first to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: AJ Styles and Omos def Viking Raiders (Raw Tag Team Championship)

The match started with Erik delivering a knee to the face of Styles followed by some team work. They delivered the Viking experience and went for the pin when Omos took both the men down. Omos then tagged himself in and manhandled Erik. Styles came in and applied the chin lock but Erik fought back and took him down. Ivar them came in and used his size to take the champion down. Styles then fought back and delivered a tornado DDT to Ivar for two counts. Erik came in and ate a knee on the face for two counts. Styles then tagged Omos in who took both the raiders down. Styles came in and delivered the 450 splash to retain the titles.

WWE Raw live results: Drew McIntyre def Veer via disqualification

wwe raw live results
McIntyre attacked Shanky

The match started with McIntyre using his anger and power to put damage on Veer when Mahal tried to distract. This enabled Veer deliver power strikes followed by a diving elbow for two counts. McIntyre then fought back and then threw him across the ring when Mahal handed a chair to Veer. McIntyre delivered the claymore through the chair to get the win due to disqualification.

WWE Raw live results: Tamina and Natalya def Eva Marie and Doudrop

The match started with Eva Marie tagging Doudrop in fear from Natalya. Tamina then came in and took Doudrop down with her experience. The latter then fought back and delivered a crossbody when Eva tagged herself in. Lilly’s video then came up when Tamina delivered a super kick to Marie to get the win.


WWE Raw live results: Karrion Kross def Keith Lee

The match started with both the men exchanging blows and then taking each other down outside the ring. Kross took Lee down with power strikes and then applied the Kross Jacket but the power of Lee was enough to get out of it. Lee then went for the spirit bomb when Kross countered with a suplex and applied the Kross Jacket again. Lee tapped out.

WWE Raw live results: Bobby Lashley responds to Goldberg

wwe raw live results
Goldberg and Lashley with MVP

Bobby Lashley came out to address Goldberg’s return and the challenge he laid. MVP said that Goldberg had disrespected the WWE Champion. Cedric Alexander then came out and said that Lashley disrespected him by kicking him out of the Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin then came out and said the same thing when Lashley agreed for a 2 on 1 Handicap match.

WWE Raw live results: Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley started with dominance but Cedric and Shelton used a double team to take the champion down for two counts. Lashley then fought back and delivers a spear to Shelton. He then delivered the dominator to Cedric to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: John Morrison def Riddle

The match started with Miz creating a distraction for Riddle with the drip stick when Morrison rolled the later for two counts. After the commercial, AJ Styles and Omos come out when Riddle gets distracted once again enabling Morrison hit some power strikes. Riddle then fought back and went for the floating bro when Styles took his scooter enabling Morrison hit the starship pain to get the win.


After the match Styles came in and delivered the styles clash to take Riddle down.

WWE Raw live results: Reginald def R-Truth

The match started with Reginald flying into Truth when the latter tried to put the former down. Reginald then somehow hit the senton to get the win over Truth.

WWE Raw live results: Charlotte Flair def Nikki A.S.H.

The match started with Charlotte disrespecting the champion and hitting stomps on her. The champion then tried to fight back Charlotte was able to take her down again. Nikki then delivered a hurricanrana taking Charlotte out of the ring and then delivered the baseball slide. Charlotte then threw her over the announce table to once again gain control. Flair then went for an offense but caught herself into the ropes. Nikki then delivered a crossbody followed by a suplex for two counts. She then delivered the face buster to get another two close counts. Flair then rolled the champion to get the pinfall victory.

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