WWE Raw Live results (New challenger for Bobby Lashley): 30 August, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw live results where Sheamus faces WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

wwe raw live results
Lashley and MVP

WWE Raw live results: After an action packed episode of WWE Raw, which followed Summerslam, another blockbuster is on the cards. New feuds kicked off as the card for WWE Extreme Rules starts taking shape.

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Damian Priest kicked off Monday Night Raw and compared himself to Bobby Lashley when he declared an open challenge for the United States Championship. Sheamus came out and so did Drew McIntyre and the two men then accepted the challenge. Bobby Lashley came out and said he wanted to accept the US title opportunity when RK-Bro came out and said the same thing. RK-Bro then challenged Lashley and MVP and put their Tag team titles on the line when the two accepted.

WWE Raw live results: Rhea Ripley def Shayna Bazler

The match started with Bazler taking down Ripley with power strikes when the latter took the upper hand with her power. Bazler then made some damage on the neck of Ripley when the latter delivered a huge dropkick for two counts. Bazler then applied the kirafuda clutch when Nikki cheered Rhea up. Nia Jax then took Nikki down when Ripley rolled Bazler to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Viking Raiders def Jinder Mahal and Veer

Erik and Ivar started the match with frequent tags to take Veer down when Jinder came in and took Ivar down with power strikes. Erik came in and and delivered a suplex to Jinder and again tagged Ivar. The latter took Veer down and then tagged Ivar in to deliver a slam to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Damian Priest def Drew McIntyre and Sheamus (US Championship match)

The match started with Drew and Damian working together to take Sheamus down when the Celtic Warrior tried to run. Priest delivered a senton to Sheamus and the applied the triangle. SHeamus then fought back and delivered Irish curse backbreaker to the champion taking him down.

McIntyre hen took Sheamus down and went for the futureshock DDT when the latter rolled him get two counts. Priest then took both the men down with power strikes when McIntyre took him out. McIntyre then delivered the michinoku driver to Priest for two counts and then the two started battling on the top rope. Sheamus also joined the fray when the combination of superplex and powerbomb took everyone out.

Priest then delivered a chokeslam on Sheamus and went for the cover but McIntyre broke the count. The two men then exchanged blows when Sheamus delivered a brogue kick to Priest. McIntyre then delivered a futureshock DDT and went for the claymore but Sheamus countered with a knee for two counts. Sheamus then delivered a white noise from the middle rope but Drew kicked out when Priest took the Celtic Warrior out. McIntyre then delivered a glasgow kiss but Priest fought back with the reckoning to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Doudrop def Eva Marie

wwe raw live results
Doudrop and Marie

The match didn’t start when Doudrop attacked Eva Marie. She took her out when the referee announced Eva couldn’t compete. Thus, Doudrop won.

WWE Raw live results: Karrion Kross def Humberto Carrillo

The match started with Carrillo starting the match with his high flying moves taking Kross down with his athleticism. Kross then fought back with a suplex and started hitting elbows to the face of Carrillo. Kross the applied the kross jacket to make Carrillo submit.

WWE Raw live results: Nia Jax def Charlotte Flair

The match started with Jax using her power to take the champion down when Flair used the ropes to put some damage on Jax. She then sent Jax outside the ring and splashed into her putting some damage. Back in the ring, Jax delivered a vicious Samoan drop on Flair and went for another won but the champion countered the second one with a DDT. Dlair then tried to apply the leg lock but Jax reversed it into a powerbomb to get the win.

WWE Raw live results: Omos def John Morrison

Omos started the match using his power to take Morrison down. He slammed Morrison into the mat to get a quick victory.

WWE Raw live results: AJ Styles def Xavier Woods

Woods gained early control by taking Styles down with his power strikes. The two men then started exchanging blows when Woods delivered a Northern Lights suplex for two counts. Styles then applied the calf crusher to make Woods submit.

WWE Raw live results: RK-Bro def Bobby Lashley and MVP (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

wwe raw live results
Lashley and Sheamus

The match started with MVP attacking Riddle and then delivering a suplex to gain control. Randy Orton then came in and delivered stomps to MVP. Riddle came back in and MVP took over control with strikes to the back on the leg. Randy came in and took MVP down. He then delivered a middle rope DDT to Lashley and the went for the RKO on MVP but the latter stopped him. Riddle came in and took MVP down when Omos and Lashley tried to take Orton down outside the ring. Inside the ring, Riddle delivered the floating bro to get the win for his team.

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