WWE Raw results – 04/01/2021 (Legends Night, WWE Championship match)

Checkout the highlights and results from the latest episode of WWE Raw. It was the Legends night with WWE Championship also being put on the line.

Randy Orton attacks Jeff Hardy

The show kicked off with Hulk Hogan. An iPhone is shown with a Hulkamania covering. Hogan mentioned that it is the hPhone. He poses while asking a question: “What’cha gonna do when the hPhone, Hulkamania, and Legends Night on Raw runs wild on you, brother?”

Miz TV

New Day on The Miz TV

The Miz and John Morrison were in the ring to kick off the segment. They ran down the entire card for the Raw episode. Miz said he was thankful that the WWE management came to their sense and gave Miz his MITB contract back.

They called out their guests – The New Day. Kingston thanked Miz and Morrison for being on their talk show: New Day Talks. New Day mocked the duo. They started asking questions to Miz and Morrison, which Morrison answered with enthusiasm. Miz stopped him from answering.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long made his way out to the ring. In his popular style, Long mentioned “Hold on a minute there, playas!” and said Miz and Morrison will be facing The Undertaker. WWE official Adam Pearce ran out and mentioned that they will be having a tag team match, next.

 The New Day def. The Miz and John Morrison

Kingston and Morrison

Morrison started the match with Xavier Woods. Kingston and Woods double teamed on Morrison. Kingston hit a running kick, and Woods complemented it with a diving clothesline.

The Miz came out looking really strong in the match, as he countered all attacks pretty well. But Xavier Woods hit a brilliant Shining Wizard on Morrison to pick up the win.

AJ Styles def. Elias

Omos saves Styles

As the match began, Elias was taken down by a headlock. Elias tried to get out of the lock multiple times, but Styles maintained his dominance.

Styles and Elias traded forearms, before Elias countered a Phenomenal Forearm with a mid-air-kick. Elias tried to apply an electric chair, but Styles managed to counter it with a hurricanrana. He connected a brainbuster, followed by a Styles Clash for the win.

Jaxson Ryder who haad accompanied Elias to the ringside, tried to attack Styles with a guitar. But Omos kicked the guitar out of Ryder’s hands.

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans def. Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Charlotte Flair shouts at Ric Flair

Prior to the match, Flair announced that she will be entering the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Her father, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair accompanied her to the ring for the match.

Flair started the match against Peyton Royce. She took Royce down early in the match and waved at her father, who is standing at the ringside. Lacey Evans flirted with Ric Flair, and Charlotte slapped her. Evan speared Flair and they started brawling.

Charlotte Flair got in the ring and hit the ropes, when Ric sweeped her feet. Peyton Royce simple rolled up Charlotte to pick up the win. Evans kisses Ric Flair on the cheeks and runs off. Charlotte shouts at her and tells her to stay out of his business. Ric looked like he was going to cry.

 Riddle def. Bobby Lashley

Lashley and Riddle

Before the match began, Riddle attacked Bobby Lashley from behind. He continued his assault even when the match began. But it didn’t take Lashley too long before getting back into the match.

The US Champion brutally dominated against Riddle. He applied the Hurt Lock, and Riddle tapped out but the referee did not see it. MVP and Lashley started arguing with the referee. Riddle soled up Lashley to pick up the win. It was the first time since June 2020 that Lashley has been pinned.

Dana Brooke def. Shayna Baszler

Baszler attacked Mandy Rose

The match was initially scheduled for Mandy Rose. But while she was making her entrance, Baszler attacked her. Dana Brooke ran down to help Rose, and challenged Baszler for the match.

As soon as the match began, Baszler went for the Kirifuda Clutch, but Brooke countered it. She rolled Baszler up to pick up the win. Baszler then applied the Kirifuda Clutch. But Mandy Rose ran in and kneed Baszler’s face.

Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Orton

Orton was in his top Heel form throughout the match. He hit a thumb to the eye as soon as the match started.          He grabbed Hardy by his hair and hit a snapmare followed by Stomps. Orton booted Hardy and bounced him off the commentary table.

Hardy soon made a comeback into the match with multiple attacks of clotheslines. Orton again pulls at the ear holes of Hardy, just like he did in their iconic match. He sets up for an RKO, but Hardy countered it with a two-count roll-up.

Hardy went for a Twist of Fate but Orton countered it with an RKO to pick up the win.

Lucha House Party def. The Hurt Business

Lucha House Party

The Hurt Business were being represented by the Raw Tag team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. The match went on in balance, with no team getting a clear advantage in the match.

But the match started going downhill for The Hurt Business when Cedric Alexander blind tagged in. Alexander and Benjamin started arguing and Dorado kicked Benjamin. Dorado then sent Alexander outside the ring and rolled up Benjamin for the win.

MVP was really furious. He spoke to Alexander and Benjamin, but Alexander walked off.

Drew McIntyre def. Keith Lee (retains WWE Championship)

Goldberg challenges Drew McIntyre

All the WWE legends are on the ramp to watch the Championship match. McIntyre and Lee begin with some classic action. McIntyre attacked Lee’s arm multiple times, but Lee countered it with a clothesline.

The action continued outside the ring. Lee hit a Pounce and sent McIntyre over the barricades. The action got back in the ring. McIntyre hit a wonderful belly-to-belly suplex. He followed with a neckbreaker. Lee countered a Claymore Kick and McIntyre came back with a crucifix.

McIntyre grabbed Lee and powerbombed him through the commentary table. Both the wrestlers were looking really powerful in the match. McIntyre got out of a Spirit Bomb and ducked a clothesline. He followed with a Claymore Kick to retain his WWE Championship.

Goldberg comes out. He challenges McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. But McIntyre says that fighting Goldberg would be like fighting his dad. Goldberg shoves him and the show comes to an end.

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