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WWE Raw results – 08/02/2021 (Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon appears)

Checkout the highlights and results from the latest episode of WWE Raw. Orton faced McIntyre in a non-title match and Shane McMahon appeared.

McIntyre and Orton

The episode kicked off with a tribute graphic to “The Natural” Butch Reed. A video package of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus’ friendship followed. Sheamus turned on McIntyre last week.

Shane McMahon announces Elimination Chamber main event

Shane McMahon

WWE official Adam Oearce made his way to the ring. He introduced Shane McMahon to the Thunderdome. McMahon mentioned it was good to back, as we are now on the road to Wrestlemania.

He was there to make a big announcement for the Elimination Chamber. The WWE Championship will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber. Six Superstars will be entering the ring and the final remaining Superstar would be the WWE Champion.

McIntyre will be defending his title against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz and Sheamus. As he left, AJ Styles made his entrance. McMahon saluted his doorman from Raw Underground, Omos.

AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy

Styles and Hardy

Styles mentioned that the chances of McInntyre losing his title at Elimination Chamber are Phenomenal. It is the perfect time for Styles to win his third WWE Championship. He will give a snippet of what will be happening at Elimination Chamber. Jeff Hardy walked out.

Hardy wrenched Styles’ arm, but he managed to get a rope break. Styles went for a sidelock, but Hardy countered with a side headlock. They continued with some classic wrestling action.

Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, but Styles moved. He hit a Calf Crusher as Hardy screamed in pain. Hardy tapped out as Styles picked up the win.

The New Day def. RETRIBUTION

The New Day with T-Bar

Mustafa Ali was on commentary for this match. His faction is being represented by T-Bar and Slapjack in the match. Woods started off against Slapjack. Slapjack applies a waistlock, but its countered with a headlock.

As the match was progressing, Ali was shouting angrily from commentary table. But The New Day hit a Daybreak to pick up the win. Ali was furious. Woods wants to face Reckoning.

Lacey Evans def. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte, Ric and Lacey

Ric Flair and Evans walked out to the ring. Flair mentioned that his daughter, a 13-time World Champion doesn’t need him. He has Evans, who has the potential to become a great WWE Superstar. They are going after the Raw Women’s Championship.

Charlotte Flair came out. She says if Evans really wanted to learn, she would go to the Performance Center. She calls Evans “Charlotte 2.0”. evans punched Flair and pushed her into the steel steps.

As the match began, Flair brutally attacked Evans. She shouted on her father and punched away at Evans. The referee called for the bell, and Evans won via disqualification. Ric tried to stop Charlotte but she swatted him away.

Edge’s segment

Edge with Miz, Morrison and Garza

The 2021 Royal Rumble winner mentioned that he had a really long last week. He won the Rumble, outlasting 29 opponents. The next day he came to Raw and finished his business with Randy Orton. Then he went to NXT and Smackdown and went face-to face with the Champions.

But now it wont make sense to decide his opponent before the Elimination Chamber, as McIntyre’s odds are not good. He will for the dust to settle. The Miz came out with John Morrison and Angel Garza.

Miz mentioned that whichever Championship Edge is going after, Miz will cash in his contract and leave Wrestlemania as a Champion. Edge mentions that he is the one who put the Mone in the Bank briefcase on the map. He is playing high stakes poker, while Miz is playing Old Maid.

Damian Priest def. Angel Garza

Garza and Priest

Priest began the match with a kick, stomp and uppercuts. He followed with a spinning heel kick. Bad Bunny is accompanying Priest to the ringside. Garza attacked Priest, and distracted the referee, while Miz kicked Priest in the head.

Bad Bunny distracted Miz and Morrison by throwing the MITB briefcase in the ring. Morrison goes after the briefcase and the referee sees him. Miz and Morrison are ejected from the ringside. Priest hit a clap to the ears followed by a Reckoning for the win.

Keith Lee def. Riddle

Lee and Riddle

MVP is on commentary for this match. He has the WWE US title. Riddle gave respect to Lee before going for a flying arm bar. He charged, but Lee sent him flying with a Pounce. He went for the Spirit Bomb but Riddle countered with a kick to the face.

Riddle connected a floating Bro for a 2 count. Lee slammed Riddle into the corner. He popped out and hit a final flash. Riddle charged but Lee crushed him a Spirit Bomb for the win.

Bobby Lashley entered the ring out of nowhere and attacked the two wrestlers. He smashed the steel steps into Lee’s face. Lashley posed on the commentary table with his US Championship.

Lana def. Nia Jax (Tables match)

Baszler attacks Lana after her match

Jax crushed Lana with two Powerbombs. She slammed Lana’s head into the turnbuckle. She lifted Lana up to slam her over the top rope, but Lana held on. Jax went for a leg drop on the apron, but Lana moved. Jax hurt her tailbone. Lana pushed Jax through a table to pick up the win.

Naomi def. Shayna Baszler

Naomi and Baszler

Baszler attacked Lana after her match, but Naomi came to her rescue. Baszler tried to attack, but Naomi was able to avoid all of them.

Shayna went outside the ring and kicked Lana. As she got back in the ring, Naomi rolled her up to pick up the win.

Randy Orton def. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre and Sheamus

Orton went for an RKO, but McIntyre pushed him off. He went for a Claymore kick but Orton rolled outside.  Orton got on the apron, but McIntyre kneed him in the face. Sheamus all of a sudden ran down to distract McIntyre. Orton attacked McIntyre from behind.

Sheamus is shown watching with extreme interest at ringside. Orton bounced McIntyre off the commentary table. McIntyre looked fired up.

Orton lifted McIntyre up, but McIntyre connected a Glasgow Kiss. Orton signalled for the end. Orton set up for an RKO, but McIntyre pushed him off and hit a Future Shock DDT. Orton slowly got up and tried for an RKO, but McIntyre pushed him off right into the path of a Brogue Kick meant for McIntyre! McIntyre then hit Sheamus with a Claymore Kick. Orton picked up the win via disqualification.

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