WWE Raw results – 10/05/2021 (Bobby Lashley faces Drew McIntyre, go-home show for Wrestlemania Backlash)

Checkout the latest WWE Raw results where Lashley faced McIntyre in the go-home episode for Wrestlemania Backlash.

wwe raw results
Alexa Bliss

The show kicked off with a recap of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley’s match against Braun Strowman, last week. Drew McIntyre got involved in the match and will face Lashley.

Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Asuka def. Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

wwe raw results
Rose, Brooke and Asuka emerged victorious in the Tag Team match

Nia Jax started against Mandy Rose. Jax stomped her in the corner. Shayna Baszler tagged in and applied an arm bar. Rose quickly powered her up and sent her to the corner. Asuka tagged in and went for a German Suplex on Baszler, but Baszler blocked it.

Alexa Bliss’ music hit. Bliss was on a swing set on the stage with Lilly on the other swing. Bliss said she and Lilly are there to keep an eye on… someone. Bliss laughed.

Flair stomed Rose in the corner. Baszler tagged in and attacked Rose. Jax applied a chin lock, but Rose fought back up. Jax went for a Samoan Drop, but Rose slid off. Brooke knocked Flair off the apron and attacked Baszler.

Brooke hit a handspring back elbow followed by a bulldog while Baszler hit a wild backbreaker. Baszler’s knee gave out. Asuka tagged in, knocked Jax off the apron, and hit a sliding kick on Baszler for the win.

Flair attacked Asuka after the match and stood tall. After the match Bliss and Lilly’s laughter was heard.

Jinder Mahal def. Jeff Hardy

wwe raw results
Mahal and Hardy

Mahal returned to WWE Raw with Veer and Shanky alongside him. As the match began, Hardy attacked Mahal with a dropkick. Mahal tried to reverse a whip, but was kicked in the head.

Mahal connected a vertical suplex and kneed Hardy in the back before applying a chin lock. Hardy fought back and took him down. Hardy removed his shirt and went for a Twist of Fate, but Mahal kneed him in the face followed by a Khallas for the win.

Randy Orton, Riddle and The New Day def. Elias, Jaxson Ryker, Omos and AJ Styles

wwe raw results
Orton and Riddle

Elias started off against Riddle. Riddle went for a monkey flip, but was countered into an arm bar attempt. Jaxson Ryker tagged in, but Riddle took him down. Ryker avoided a kick as Omos tagged himself in.

Riddle tried to fight him, but Omos simply threw him away. Omos blocked a kick. Xavier Woods ran in and got immediately taken down. Kofi Kingston ran in, but Omos head-butt him down. Randy Orton slid into the ring and looked at Omos before rolling back out.

AJ Styles tagged in. Ryker connected with a back suplex onto Riddle. Styles tried to follow up with a suplex on Riddle, but he got out and tagged Kingston in. Kingston kicked away at Styles. Woods tagged in and hit a flatliner.

Styles hit Woods with a spinebuster. Ryker tagged in and stomped Woods before applying a camel clutch. Woods fought up and hit a jawbreaker. Elias immediately applie a rear chin lock. Woods fought up again.

Riddle kneed Elias in the face and hit Ryker with an exploder. Riddle knocked Styles off the apron. Randy Orton tagged in. Woods hit Styles with a baseball slide. The New Day spin Styles around outside, distracting Omos. Orton hit Elias with an RKO for the win.

After the match Orton hits Woods and Kingston with an RKO. He goes to Riddle as well but stops. Riddle smiled as Orton walked off with a smirk.

Sheamus def. Humberto Carrillo

wwe raw results
Sheamus and Carrillo

Sheamus took Carrillo down, but he fought up. Sheamus quickly shoulder tackled him down. Carrillo leapfrogged, but Sheamus clubbed him down. Carrillo hit back with an arm drag and dropkicked him off the apron.

Sheamus got on the apron, so Carrillo hit a springboard dropkick. Carrillo went for a baseball slide, but Sheamus countered and slammed him on the floor. Sheamus sent Carrillo into the timekeeper’s area.

Sheamus got Carrillo on his shoulders and climbed to the second rope. Carrillo elbowed him off and hit a hurricanrana. Carrillo followed it up with a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. Sheamus landed right on Carrillo’s legs. Carrillo couldn’t get back to his feet. The referee noticed something was wrong with Carrillo and called the match off.

Shelton Benjamin def. Cedric Alexander

wwe raw results
Benjamin and Alexander

Alexander quickly took Benjamin down and hit a dragon screw over the ropes. Benjamin countersed into a sharpshooter, but Alexander got to the bottom rope. Benjamin punched Alexander, but Alexander dropkicked the knee.

Benjamin went for Pay Dirt, but Alexander countered into a roll-up. Alexander hit a Neuralyzer and shouted that he is the best. Alexander talked trash and ripped at Benjamin’s face. Benjamin surprised Alexander with a t-bone suplex for the win.

Rhea Ripley def. Asuka

wwe raw results
Ripley and Asuka

Ripley quickly attacked but Asuka fought back and went for a backfist, but Ripley avoided it. Ripley mocked Asuka, so Asuka swept the feet and dropkicked her. Asuka threw Ripley across the ring. Charlotte Flair’s music hit, and she walked out to the stage.

Asuka dropped Ripley with a spinning backfist. Ripley dropkicked Asuka and shouldered her in the corner. Asuka kicked Ripley back and hit a sliding knee. Ripley grabbed Asuka and head-butted her. Flair said Ripley was learning from her.

Ripley hit a northern lights suplex.  Asuka hit a double knee facebuster as Ripley got knocked out of the ring. Asuka hit a missile dropkick but Ripley fought back and hit the Riptide for the win.

Damian Priest def. John Morrison

wwe raw results
Morrison and Priest

The winner of this match will determine the stipulation for Damian Priest vs. The Miz at WrestleMania Backlash this Sunday.

Morrison forearmed Priest in the face as the match began. Priest knocked Morrison back and stomped him down in the corner. Morrison applied a chin lock, while Miz hyped up Morrison at ringside. The Miz pulled Morrison out of the ring and talked to him.

Morrison distracted the referee while The Miz hit Priest with a big boot. Morrison got Priest in the ring and applied a chin lock. But Priest punched out of it. Priest continued to fight and hit a spin kick off the top rope.

Priest went for Hit the Lights, but Miz distracted him. Morrison rolled Priest up, but the referee was dealing with Miz. Priest kicked out and Hit the Lights for the win. The Miz immediately attacked Priest and went for a Skull Crushing Finale. Priest got out and went for a spin kick, but Miz avoided it and ra away. Priest grabbed Morrison and hit another Hit the Lights.

Damian Priest chooses a Lumberjack match against The Miz at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley

wwe raw results
Braun Strowman

The bell rang and McIntyre immediately went for a Claymore Kick. Lashley got away and tried for a Hurt Lock, but McIntyre fought out of it. Lashley powered him to the corner and shouldered him. Lashley got fired up and charged, but McIntyre big booted him. Lashley rolled out of the ring and  McIntyre followed him out and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor.

McIntyre hit a delayed vertical suplex. MVP shouted encouragement to Lashley. Lashley drove his forearm into McIntyre’s face. McIntyre got on the apron and Lashley hit a neck snapper. Lashley went outside and put McIntyre on his shoulders before driving him headfirst into the ring post.

McIntyre hit a hip toss into the turnbuckles. They traded blows before McIntyre hit a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. McIntyre connected a big neckbreaker. McIntyre went for a Future Shock DDT, but Lashley got out.

McIntyre hit a Glasgow Kiss and followed up with a spinebuster. McIntyre went for a Claymore Kick, but Lashley wiped him out with a cross-body block! Lashley went for a Hurt Lock, but McIntyre fought it. Lashley hit an exploder suplex and McIntyre then hit Lashley with a Claymore Kick.

Braun Strowman’s music hits, and he avalanched McIntyre from behind. The referee called for the bell. Strowman hit McIntyre with a Running Powerslam and helped Lashley up. Strowman then hit Lashley with a Running Powerslam.

Strowman grabbed McIntyre and hit him with another Running Powerslam. MVP went to hit Strowman with his cane, but Strowman blocked it. Strowman threw it aside and grabbed Lashley. Strowman scooped him up and hit a Running Powerslam through the barricade.

Strowman got back into the ring and screamed at McIntyre. He hit him with a Running Powerslam too. Strowman ripped his shirt and stood tall in the ring, as the show ended.

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