WWE Raw results (Final shot for a spot at the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match) – 28 June, 2021

Checkout the WWE Raw results from the latest episode where Drew McIntyre qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match.

wwe raw results
McIntyre and Styles

WWE Raw results: The episode of WWE Raw featured former WWE Champions –Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles in action. Randy Orton was supposed to be a part of the match but it was revealed that he won’t be able to participate.

Riddle took it upon himself to represent Orton. But a Battle Royale was organized to determine the third participant for the Last Chance match for Money in the Bank.

Riddle wins the Battle Royal match

wwe raw results
WWE Battle Royal match

Drew Gulak was the first one to be eliminated by Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin himself was eliminated next. Ali and Mansoor teamed up to eliminate Garza but Ali turned on Mansoor and eliminated him. R- Truth and Tozawa were tossed out of the ring.

Drew Gulak pinned Tozawa outside the ring and then Truth pinned Gulak for the 24/7 title. Truth was pinned by Tozawa who won his 24/7 title back. Three title changes in under a minute. Omos came out to the ring and dragged Erik and Ivar over the ropes. Jinder Mahal was eliminated next to be eliminated. Hardy, Alexander, Priest, and Riddle remained.

Cedric eliminated Hardy and Damian Priest attacked Alexander. Riddle and Priest were left in the ring and the duo hit each other with their finishers. Priest was hit with a huge knee strike for the elimination. Riddle took Randy Orton’s spot in the main event.

Nikki Cross def. Shayna Baszler

wwe raw results
Cross and Baszler

Baszler hit a few big suplexes before sending Cross into the corner. Cross countered with a dropkick, sending Baszler outside as Alexa Bliss showed up at ringside. Cross hit a crossbody on Jax, Baszler, and Reginald as they were distracted by Bliss.

Bliss attacked Jax and Reginald at the ringside as Cross attacked Baszler inside the ring. Cross went and got a roll-up for the win.

Kofi Kingston confronts MVP

wwe raw results
Kofi Kingston

Kingston talked about Lashley viciously beating down Woods last week. He said that felt helpless because he could not get in to the cell to help his friend. Kingston also said that Woods deserves some respect for going in the cell with Lashley.

Kingston could not get the image of Woods in pain out of his mind. He then said to MVP that he promises to make Lashley pay and defeat him at Money in the Bank PPV to win the WWE Championship.

MVP walked out with Lashley’s ladies. He laughed at Kingston for thinking he could win the WWE title. MVP said he and Lashley have looked past Kingston because he was not a threat to them. He then promised that Lashley would make what Brock Lesnar did to Kingston seem like nothing. Kingston said that Lashley is soft. He pointed out that Woods got close to beating Lashley.

Kingston said when he was champion, he defended the WWE title every week and took it all over the world. Kingston also pointed out that MVP has Lashley taking vacations and hanging out with the ladies. MVP walked down the ramp and said that Kingston took the WWE title back to Ghana for his ego.

Kingston then promised Woods will return next week because he is not like MVP who was “milking” the knee injury. Kingston jumped out of the ring and hit MVP with a trouble in paradise, and then yelled at MVP that he was not hurt before, but he is hurt now.

Eva Marie and Doudrop def. Asuka and Naomi

wwe raw results
Eva Marie

Naomi and Doudrop kicked off the match and Doudrop started with a sit-down splash. Marie refused to tag herself in and Asuka applied the chokehold submission. Doudrop fought back and took both her opponents down for the win. After the match, Eva said that the win was just hers.

Ricochet vs. John Morrison (Double Count-Out)

wwe raw results
Ricochet and Miz

Ricochet started dominating as the match began and continued to send Morrison out of the ring. Miz blocked a shot from Ricochet who hit a hurricanrana over his wheelchair before spraying him with a dripstick.

Morrison hit a rolling senton and went for a huge springboard kick. Ricochet countered the starship pain and went for a dive, taking Morrison off the barricade. Both men failed to recover the match ended with a double count-out.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Tamina def. Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

wwe nxt results
Brooke and Natalya

Ripley and Charlotte started brawling as soon as the match kicked off. Team Ripley managed to knock their opponents out of the ring. Natalya was in the ring with Brooke before Charlotte tagged in and isolated Brooke.

Ripley and Flair continued some back-and-forth action before Natalya was tagged in. Rose tagged in and hit a Sunset Flip. Flair got a blind tag hit the big boot for the win.

Jaxson Ryker def. Elias in a Strap match

wwe raw results
Ryker and Elias in a Strap match

The match went outside the ring as soon as it began. Elias sent Ryker into the steel steps before using the ring post to his advantage. Ryker started whipping Elias with the strap. Elias hit a big knee strike but Ryker countered with a massive Irish whip.

Ryker whipped Elias with the strap a few more times before getting a clothesline in. Ryker hit the Bossman slam for the win.

Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles and Riddle (Qualifies for MITB Ladder match)

wwe raw results
Styles and McIntyre

McIntyre dominated as the match began. He sent Styles and Riddle across the ring with a series of belly-to-belly suplexes. McIntyre cleared the announce desk but failed to put AJ through it. Styles blocked another suplex. AJ and Riddle teamed up and put Drew through the announce table.

AJ and Riddle were battling in the ring and Riddle broke out of the calf crusher. Riddle set up for the RKO but missed. McIntyre came back in and sent AJ into the barricades.

Riddle managed to toss Drew outside before hitting kicks to his face. He hit a springboard dive to the outside, taking out both Styles and Drew. Riddle went for a kick but went straight into the steel steps. Riddle was injured and had to be escorted out.

AJ and McIntyre were in the ring and Drew was dominating again. Riddle limped back to the ring with bandages on his leg and hit the bro-mission. He hit the RKO onto Styles but Omos pulled him out of the ring. McIntyre hit a Claymore onto Riddle for the win.

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