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WWE Raw results – 22/02/2021 (New WWE Champion appears)

Checkout the results and highlights from the latest WWE Raw episode. New WWE Champion The Miz made an appearance.

New WWE Champion The Miz

The episode of Raw kicked off with the highlights from the last night’s WWE Elimination Chamber. The Miz successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and became the WWE Champion.

WWE Champion The Miz’s segment

Lashley, MVP, Morrison and Miz

John Morrison is standing in the ring, as The Miz made his way to the ring. A big pyrotechnics display went off. He mentioned that 16 years ago he stepped in the ring, The locker room was sure that he would be fired in 3 months. But he stands there as a WWE Champion. Superstars of his generation like Batista, John Cena, Lashley and Edge have gone.

Miz mentioned that he is the only 2-time Grand Slam Champion. Bobby Lashley walked out with MVP. They mentioned that the only reason, The Miz was able to win was because Lashley attacked McIntyre. But Miz ignored them. Lashley gave an ultimatum of one hour to The Miz to give him a WWE Championship match.

Riddle def. John Morrison

Riddle and Morrison

The WWE United States Champion began with a waistlock takeover. Morrison rolled through an arm bar, kicked followed with a jumping calf kick.  Morrison went for a standing shooting star press, but Riddle countered into a triangle choke. Morrison quickly got his foot on the bottom rope. Riddle took Morrison down, but Morrison stunned him with a kick to the head. 

Morrison set up for Moonlight Drive, but Riddle gets out and hits Bro To Sleep. Morrison quickly responded with a kick. Morrison kneed him down and went for Starship Pain, but Riddle popped up and caught him. Riddle connected with the Bro Derek for the win.

The New Day def. RETRIBUTION

Kingston and RETRIBUTION

T-Bar and Mace were representing RETBRIBUTION. Woods started off against T-Bar. But Kingston was tagged in early. T-Bar grabbed him by the head and slammed onto the mat a couple of times.

Mace came in and they double-teamed on Kingston. Ali wanted them to continue. But Kingston hit Mace with a Trouble in Paradise and followed with a Trouble in Paradise on T-Bar for the win.

Ali shouted on the members of RETRIBUTION for embarrassing him again.

The Hurt Business def. Lucha House Party

LHP with The Hurt Business

Alexander hit a nasty kick onto Dorado’s head. Benjamin hit a big body drop onto Metalik. They double-teamed on Dorado with a Gory Special/dropkick combo for a near fall. Metalik tried to fight back, but he’s quickly cut off. Alexander dropped a knee on Metalik before slamming Dorado into the barricade and LED ring apron.

LHP made a brief comeback, but The Hurt Business quickly took them out. They hit a wild throw on Dorado before Benjamin flattened him with Pay Dirt for the win.

Damian Priest def. Angel Garza

Bad Bunny and Priest

Priest immediately clotheslined Garza at the sound of the bell for a near fall. Priest punched away at him in the corner before sending him into the ropes for a leaping back elbow for a two count. Garza fought back and clotheslined Priest down before ripping his pants off and throwing them at Bad Bunny.

Garza taunted Bad Bunny, and Bad Bunny challenges him. He started getting ready to get into the ring, but he pointed behind Garza. Priest kicked Garza in the head and hit a spin kick off the top rope. Priest followed up with Hit the Lights for the win.

Randy Orton’s segment


Orton mentioned that failure isn’t something that he knew. He said that he could’ve entered the Elimination Chamber had he won the Gauntlet match. But Alexa Bliss costed him that the opportunity. He was also the first one to be eliminated from the match.

The Fiend was distracting him and he set him on fire. But now Alexa Bliss is distracting him. Orton started to choke and threw up black liquid.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler def. Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Baszler, Flair and Asuka

Asuka started against Shayna Baszler. Asuka applied a waistlock and went for an octopus stretch. Baszler countered into a stretch muffler, but Asuka took her down with an arm bar.

Flair tagged in and bounced Baszler off the turnbuckle. Flair stomped away at Baszler before bouncing her off the turnbuckle. Flair quickly rolled Jax into the turnbuckles.

Asuka eventually tagged in and ran wild. She went for an Asuka Lock, but Flair, who was aiming for Baszler, big booted Asuka when Baszler moved. Jax tagged in and dropped a leg for the win.

Sheamus def. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Sheamus

Sheamus quickly took Hardy down and viciously attacked him. Hardy fought back and stomped him down in the corner. Sheamus lifted him up, but Hardy slid off. Hardy followed up with a baseball slide and a Poetry in Motion against the barricade.

Hardy quickly followed up with a Whisper in the Wind that absolutely crushed Sheamus. Hardy jumped over Sheamus and avoided a Brogue Kick. Hardy rolled him up for a two count. Sheamus quickly kneed him in the face and hit a Brogue Kick for the win.

Naomi and Lana def. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Naomi and Lana

As the match began, Lana and Brooke mistimed a bulldog. Naomi was tagged in and she hit a double-team facebuster onto Rose for a win in this 30-second bout.

AJ Styles def. Ricochet

Styles and Ricochet

Ricochet quickly took Styles down and dropped some elbows. Styles quickly kicked out the knee and connected with a suplex into the turnbuckles. Styles applied a chin lock before whipping him into the ropes and hitting a stiff dropkick.

Ricochet went to the top rope for a 630, but Styles moved. Ricochet landed on his feet. Styles killed him with a knee to the face and hit a Styles Clash for the win.

Bobby Lashley def. Braun Strowman

Strowman and Lashley

Prior to the match, Shane McMahon announced that if Strowman won, he would be added to the WWE Championship match. The Miz will be defending his title against Lashley on Raw, next week. The Miz was at the ringside for this match.

Lashley hit an impressive waistlock takedown on Strowman. Strowman quickly grabbed a waistlock and took him down for a two count. Strowman rained down forearms on Lashley before sending him hard into the corner. He scooped Lashley up and slinged him over the top rope to the floor.

Lashley jumped off the steps and clotheslined him on the floor. He went for the Hurt Lock, but Strowman powered out before it’s fully applied. Lashley went for a vertical suplex on Strowman, but Strowman dropped to his feet and clotheslined him down.

Strowman went for second Running Powerslam, but Lashley slided off and hit a one-armed spinebuster on Strowman. Lashley speared Strowman down and picked up the win.

The Miz tried to blindside Lashley but Lashley took him down. He stood tall in the ring with MVP, as the show ended.

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