WWE Raw Women’s Championship match confirmed for Summerslam

Nikki A.S.H. would be defending the Raw Women's Championship against two former two champions at Summerslam

Nikki Cross is set to defend her title at Summerslam

Matches for Summerslam has started building up and the possible matches that could take place at the event have already hyped the WWE Universe. Though the women’s championship storylines have not been that overwhelming in recent months, matches have been intriguing.

On the 19th July episode of Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair was defending the Raw Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley. The match ended in disqualification when Flair used the title to attack Ripley. That is when Miss Money in the Bank, Nikki A.S.H. came out and cashed in he contract to become the new champion.

The moment was shocking for every fan because it was not expected by anyone. An unforgettable moment for ‘Almost a superhero’, Nikki A.S.H. paved a way for a great change in the Women’s roster.

On the 26th July taping of Monday Night Raw, the new Raw Women’s Champion kicked off the show and was interrupted by former champion, Charlotte Flair. The Queen disrespected the champion and the WWE Universe and asked for a rematch at Summerslam.

After that, Rhea Ripley came out and said she deserved a rematch for the Raw Women’s championship as much as Charlotte did. Before things could get heated up, WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came out and made an announcement. The officials announced a triple threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship at Summerslam and made things very clear.

What was Nikki A.S.H.’s reaction to her Raw Women’s Championship win?

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Nikki Cross will defend the Raw Women’s Championship in a triple threat match at Summerslam

During the episode of WWE The Bump after Nikki’s championship win, the champion said about the reactions she received from backstage and her happiness after her championship win. Here’s what she said:

“I got to the back and can I share a little bit of gossip?…The whole locker room was in ‘gorilla’ and the whole locker room hoisted me up and bounced me around. We actually have the video somewhere too and it was such an amazing moment. My peers…my family…I spend more time with these women than I do with my actual family, and Sarah Schreiber and Shane the Hurricane were the first two there.”

Though the match at Summerslam is not completely in the champion’s favour, looking at the recent push WWE has given to Nikki A.S.H. it could be the champion winning the triple threat match.

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