WWE releases numerous employees from international offices and Studio division

WWE recently releases several of their employees from the international offices and the WWE Studios division.

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Newly elected member Nick Khan is also the President of WWE
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Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, WWE has been constantly releasing their employees, due to budget cuts. Several wrestlers from NXT were released last week – including Alexander Wolfe, who announced his release, hours after being written off WWE TV. But now it has been revealed that the WWE releases were not limited to the roster.

WWE recently released several employees from their international offices and also WWE Studios. A Deadline report suggested that WWE is planning to consolidate the film, TV and social media divisions in Stamford and Los Angeles into a single division.

The division will have a much smaller staff, and will be led by WWE’s Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution, Kevin Dunn. The news of all the releases were broken by WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan.

In addition to his several responsibilities, Khan will now personally oversee international offices and keep them in alignment with the WWE HQ. These responsibilities were of WWE’s Executive Vice President of International, Jay Rosenstock. But even he was released from the company.

Over 35 employees who held management positions in the company were released. Some of the confirmed names and their tenures with WWE are:

  • former WWE Advanced Media Group Executive Vice President Jaylar Donlan (more than 8 years)
  • former Senior Vice President of Production Brian Pellegatto (under 9 years)
  • former Executive Vice President of International Jay Rosenstock (under 2 years)
  • former Vice President of Media Operations Makham Nolana (over 2 years)
  • former Content Director James Wortman (11 years)

Reaction to the WWE releases

xavier wood
Xavier Wood reacted to the releases

Adam Kirshner, a long-time employee of WWE, was one of the most shocking releases of the company. He had been with the company for over 15 years and had played an impactful role in the growth of WWE’s YouTube channel and the WWE Network.

“As of today I am no longer with WWE. I’ve had a tremendous career and had the honor to build the greatest team. From first ever dotcom intern to a leader I’ve seen and done it all. I am truly looking forward to giving this same 110% and then some where ever I land,” Kirshner wrote from his private Twitter handle.

WWE Raw Superstar Xavier Woods also took to Twitter to react to the release of Brian Pellegatto. He thanked Pellegatto for everything that he has today.

Prior to these releases, WWE had released several of their active talents too. In addition to Alexander Wolfe, the list included Vanessa Borne, Kavita Devi, Jessamyn Duke, Skyler Story, Ezra Judge, and referees Drake Wuertz & Jake Clemons.

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