WWE releases ring announcer Greg Hamilton

WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton has confirmed his release from the company.

greg hamilton

Greg Hamilton, long-time ring announcer for WWE has been released by the company. Hamilton now joins a long list of WWE personnel who have been released this year. Before his release was officially announced, rumors were going around that Hamilton’s comments regarding rapper Westside Gunn might’ve led to his release. In a now-deleted tweet he had threatened to sue Gunn for using the sample of his voice in a song.

Initially there were rumors going around regarding Greg Hamilton’s release from the company, but later the ring announcer himself took to Instagram to confirm the reports of his release. He clarified that there was mutual respect between him and WWE, despite his release. Hamilton even mentioned that his old mother and a sister who has cerebral palsy are his priorities.

You can checkout the post below:

“After 6 years and 52 weeks a year, it’s time to say “goodbye”. First and foremost, don’t let the internet or social media gas you up; this was a mutual respect departure from a great company. Nothing but respect from both sides. It’s business. We all know our worth. Also understand that what you see on social media is exactly that. It’s not real life. Especially for your favorite Superstars. They are human beings with real lives, and INCREDIBLE human beings. The hate, the bullying….that is read and internalized by real human beings….not characters. That needs to be said for my friends,” mentioned Greg Hamilton.

“And as I get older, my mother is in her 70’s; my sister Jessi who has cerebral palsy…those are my priorities. Not chasing fame, not being on television. 52 weeks a year became too much. Without our mental health, we have nothing. But man…..what a ride….there are truly no fans like the #WWEuniverse. Wow. 6 continents over 6 years; embracing your love and passion has truly changed me as a person. I am forever grateful. And for one last time….“ONE FALL”!!!! (I don’t work there anymore so you’re allowed to say it now),” continued the ring announcer.

Ring announcer Greg Hamilton has been with WWE since 2015

greg hamilton
Hamilton had been with WWE since 2015

Greg Hamilton had joined WWE way back in 2015. He had started his stint with the copany on the developmental brand NXT. In addition to that he also appeared on the Tough Enough tapings. He moved to the main roster in 2016 and has been appearing on Smackdown, live events and several PPVs since then.

Hamilton has now joined the long list of WWE releases in the recent times. Some of the biggest names of the company like Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman were also released from the company. Majority of the talent released by WWE have gone on to appear on All Elite Wrestling. But with Hamilton’s family being his priority, it is quite unlikely that he makes the move too.

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