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WWE Legend lost Roman Reigns’ respect after Becky Lynch disagreement

Ric Flair had lost the respect of Roman Reigns after he tried to trademark Becky Lynch’s nickname.

Lynch and Reigns

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch uses “The Man” as her nickname in WWE. The former Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion began using the name in 2018. But this was also the nickname that was used by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The 16-time WWE World Champion disagreed with Becky Lynch using the same name as him and tried to trademark the term in 2019. But the issue was resolved in 2020, as WWE got the rights to use the term “The Man.”

The whole backstage incident led to the current Universal Champion Roman Reigns losing respect for Flair. Ric Flair recently revealed during an interview with Conrad Thompson that he spoke to Reigns after hearing rumors that he had lost respect for Flair.

“I was concerned that I had lost the respect of Roman Reigns. Because when that whole ‘Man’ thing went upside down and all that and I had to file the trademark, whatever transpired, it means nothing now. I think people, I heard that he… and I walked right up to him. I said, ‘Can I have a minute of your time?’ and I said, ‘Hey, it means a lot to me.’ I mean, you want the kids [current WWE Superstars] to look forward to you coming, not, ‘Oh man, here he comes again.’ Does that make sense? Especially when you have a daughter who is at the most elite position she could be in,” Flair said.

As mentioned by Flair, his daughter Charlotte Flair is one of the top WWE stars. She is set to face Asuka and Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Becky Lynch has signed a new WWE contract  

Becky Lynch has signed a new WWE contract

Becky Lynch has been out of action since the first half of 2020 due to her pregnancy with fiancé Seth Rollins. The two WWE Superstars welcomed their daughter in December, 2020. But Becky Lynch is now all set to make her in-ring return, as she has signed a new WWE contract.

Her popularity and hype among the WWE Universe has enabled her to sign a lucrative deal, in which she will be getting paid much more than her previous contract. With a new contract, Becky Lynch can return to any of the upcoming WWE pay-per-views.

WWE’s Wrestlemania Backlash airs live on 16th May, 2021.

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