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Roman Reigns Net worth, Income, WWE Career, Personal life and more

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is undoubtedly the biggest WWE Superstar on the current roster. Checkout Roman Reigns net worth, personal life, salary and more.

Roman Reigns
NameLeati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i
OccupationProfessional Wrestler
Other source of incomeActing
Net Worth$12 million
Salary$5 million
ResidenceTampa, Florida, US
Marital StatusMarried
Last Updated2022

Roman Reigns, one of the biggest WWE Superstars on the main roster today. Born on 25th May, 1985, as Leati Joseph Anoa’i, he belongs to one of the most popular wrestling families. Reigns signed with WWE in 2010, and debuted on the main roster in 2012, alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, as The Shield.

Despite coming from a humble background, Roman Reigns has gone on to become the face of the company. With private investments being worth $2.2 million, Roman Reigns’ Net worth currently stands at $12 million.

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Roman Reigns’ career

Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman

Reigns debuted on the WWE main roster in 2012, as a part of The Shield. The trio split in 2014, and Reigns’ journey kicked off as a singles wrestler. The Big Dog has often juggled between Heel and Face characters.

But his current Heel turn as the Tribal Chief has taken him to a whole new level. After a brief break from WWE, he returned at WWE Summerslam 2020, with a new Heel turn. Since then, he has dominated WWE, and has undoubtedly, become the face of the company.

Roman Reigns is currently the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. During his current reign as the Champion, he has delivered some of the best matches, storylines and promos of his career, and he is still going strong.

Roman Reigns Net worth 2022

Roman Reigns net worth is estimated to be $12 million

Roman Reigns is estimated to have a Net worth of $12 million, as of 2022, and this number is expected to rise at 22% every year. WWE’s subscriptions for pay-per-views is consistently rising, and Roman Reigns happens to be a consistent main eventer of the WWE events, all which would ultimately increase the amount that he earns.

Being the face of the company, Roman Reigns is one of the highest paid WWE Superstars. His annual salary is approximately $5 million and is also subject to earn additional bonuses and winnings. Overall, he takes home a gross amount of roughly $6 million.

Roman Reigns’ personal life

Roman Reigns with his daughter

Roman Reigns is half-Italian and half-Samoan. His father Sika Anoa’i and uncle Afa Anoa’i are also former WWE Tag Team Champions, popularly known as “The Wild Samoans”. They have won a record 21 Championship across various promotions.

Reigns’ brother Matthew Anoa’i was also a professional wrestler and had won the WWE Tag team title with The Hurricane. But he passed away in 2017, due to congestive heart failure. Reigns’ first cousin, Jimmy and Jey Uso are currently part of the WWE roster and are regularly seen alongside Reigns.

But the most popular name in this Samoan wrestling family is undoubtedly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The highest paid actor in the world and Roman Reigns are non-biological cousins.

Reigns is married to his long-time girlfriend Gallina Becker and has a daughter named Joelle Anoa’i.

Q. What is the salary of Roman Reigns?

As per his WWE contract, Roman Reigns Net worth is $12 million and earns a base salary of $5 million.

Q. Is Roman Reigns married?

Roman Reigns is married to his long-time girlfriend Galina Becker in 2014.

Q. Are The Rock and Reigns related?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Roman Reigns are non-biological cousins.

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