Former WWE superstar Ryback questions Mansoor’s credibility; the WWE superstar reacts

Ryback and Mansoor had an exchange of insults on Twitter recently

Mansoor and Ryback exchange insults on Twitter
Mansoor and Ryback

Former WWE superstar Ryback has not been in the wrestling ring for a long time now. But the Big Guy has been very active on social media mostly talking trash about WWE superstars. This time, it was the Saudi Arabian hero Mansoor who was in Ryback’s radar and the latter wasted no time in questioning Vince McMahon over the Mansoor’s credibility.

Ryback said Mansoor 'sucks'
Ryback is a former 1-time WWE Intercontinental Champion

The Big Guy tweeted and said that if Vince McMahon gave Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music to Mansoor, then too the latter won’t be able to excite people with his performance. The tweet wasn’t over when the former WWE superstar said that Mansoor sucked. This brought the WWE Universe in rage after the retired superstar insulted a fan favorite. Here’s what the former Intercontinental Champion said:

“@VinceMcMahon you can give Mansoor @steveaustinBSR music and he still won’t be over. Holy shit your product fu**ing sucks”

The tweet was not responded by both Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin but the major topic of the tweet didn’t take it very well. Mansoor reacted to Ryback’s tweet by not only insulting him back but in one of the best ways, shutting him up for good. The WWE superstar posted a screenshot of a poll that Ryback held which had the most votes for the Big Guy to retire. Here’s Mansoor’s savage reply to Ryback’s comments:

Were the comments Ryback made on Mansoor even worthy?

Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali: Crown Jewel 2021
Mansoor defeated Mustafa Ali at Crown Jewel 2021

Mansoor has been very impressive with his performances in the recent weeks. The Saudi Arabian hero has been a fan favorite and his storyline with Mustafa Ali has been intriguing as well. Mansoor recently earned two massive wins over Ali in a mere time of two days which involved one victory in his home town Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel 2021.

On the other hand, Ryback has not been in the WWE ring for years now and the Big Guy has started selling nutrition supplies. Plus, the big guy’s career in WWE has not seen him win the world championship even once which brings into question if the Big Guy deserved to bring those words over Mansoor’s performances in recent weeks.

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