Samoa Joe is back on the WWE NXT roster

Samoa Joe is no longer a Special Enforcer, he has been added to the WWE NXT roster once again.

karrion kross samoa joe
Joe will face Kross at NXT TakeOver 36

Samoa Joe had been going back-and-forth with the WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross. While earlier, Joe was bound by his deal with NXT General Manager William Regal, but now he has been freed from his deal.

All of this began last week on NXT, when Kross brutally assaulted William Regal. This week on NXT, the special enforcer Samoa Joe handed his resignation, which was accepted by Regal. But this is not all. Regal also added Samoa Joe back to the NXT roster.

With Joe now being an active talent on the NXT roster, he is allowed to wrestle on the shows. Regal wasted no time in announcing Joe’s match for NXT TakeOver 36. Joe will now be facing WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross at the upcoming NXT mega-event.

Considering Karrion Kross’ recent run – Joe is going to be quite confident going into the match. Kross, who is undefeated on NXT, recently debuted on the main roster and faced defeat at the hands of Jeff Hardy in his first match itself. The loss is going to be a huge setback for Kross and Joe could completely capitalize on this.  

Samoa Joe has a realistic chance to become the NXT Champion

samoa joe
Joe was the Special Enforcer to William Regal

Prior to his return to WWE NXT, Samoa Joe was a part of the WWE Raw commentary team. Joe, along with Michael Cole, covered the whole of Wrestlemania 37. But in a surprising move, he was soon removed from the company. Many speculated that Samoa Joe was gearing up for an in-ring return, but that was not the case.

WWE surprised everyone by releasing Joe from the company. But it was only a matter of months, before Samoa Joe made his return to WWE – but this time to NXT. He was introduced as a Special Enforcer for William Regal, and was not allowed to perform inside the ring. But now the moment fans had been eagerly waiting for has arrived. Samoa Joe is returning to the squared ring.

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