WWE Crown Jewel 2021: What can happen in the Hell in a Cell Match between Seth Rollins and Edge?

Seth Rollins and Edge will face each other inside Hell in a Cell at Crown Jewel 2021

Seth Rollins vs Edge to feature inside Hell in a Cell at Crown Jewel 2021
Seth Rollins vs Edge

Seth Rollins and Edge have been in a grueling rivalry since Money in the Bank 2021. Their rivalry started after Rollins distracted Edge in his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns at MITB 2021. The two then began feuding each other and for the first time in WWE history, battled each other at Summerslam 2021.

The Biggest Party of the Summer saw Edge and Rollins push each other to all limits but in the end, the Rated R superstar stood tall after Rollins tapped out to a sleeper hold crossface. This brought Rollins back in rage and the Architect made his intentions clear. Rollins challenged Edge for a second match and the Rated R superstar accepted.

Seth Rollins entered Edge's house to heat up their rivalry
Seth Rollins crossed all limits after entering Edge’s house a few weeks ago

Rollins and Edge fought each other for the second time on Smackdown at the Madison Square Garden which was another grueling and competitive match. The match saw Rollins delivering the curb stomp on Edge which led to the Rated R superstar being taken out on a stretcher. The trilogy will now complete at Crown Jewel 2021 where the two will meet in a Hell in a Cell match.

Who will come out victorious from the Hell in a Cell match at Crown Jewel 2021?

Seth Rollins after delivering the stomp to Edge
Will Seth Rollins be able to deliver the stomp to Edge again at Crown Jewel 2021?

Rollins and Edge will face each other in an Hell in a Cell match at the Crown Jewel 2021 pay-per-view which will likely be the last match of their rivalry. Both the men will try to end their rivalry with a 2-1 lead and the WWE Universe can expect one of the best matches of the decade coming in at the pay-per-view.

The match will likely see Edge end the rivalry in his favor and defeat Seth Rollins in one of his favorite stipulations. This will lead to Edge moving forward to the WWE Championship picture on Raw and Rollins building some more rivalries and trying to turn face after 2 years.

Prediction: Edge def Seth Rollins

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