WWE Smackdown live results (John Cena visits The Tribal Chief, Women’s Championship rematch): 23 July, 2021

Checkout the WWE Smackdown live results where Cena appears for the first time, in over a year.

wwe smackdown live results
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WWE Smackdown live results – The live fans have infused a new life into the WWE shows. If that wasn’t enough, Superstars like John Cena and Finn Balor are back too. The Smackdown Women’s Championship is going to be on the line too, once again. Additionally, the episode will air in part from the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.

Stay tuned for the WWE Smackdown live results.

WWE Smackdown live results: John Cena pays a visit to The Head of the Table

world champion john cena
Cena and Reigns

John Cena kicked off the show and said that Roman Reigns would be face-to-face with him very soon. He then asked the WWE universe which team they were in. Cena then called Reigns out when Paul Heyman came out. Heyman then made fun of Cena and started singing his entrance song. Heyman then went back leaving Cena in the ring.

WWE Smackdown live results: Finn Balor def Sami Zayn

wwe smackdown live results

The match started with Zayn delivering a big right hand to the face of Balor taking him down early. Balor then fought back with power strikes and took the former Intercontinental champion down. Sami Zayn then fought back and tried to deliver the helluva kick but Balor countered with a slingblade. The Prince then went for the dropkick but Zayn delivered the blue thunderbomb for two close counts. Balor then delivered the dropkick followed by the coup de grace to get the win.

Baron Corbin backstage had a new story related to his downfall. The Lone Wolf said that the person who created the website stole all of the donations that were made for him.

WWE Smackdown live results: Big E celebrates Money in the Bank win

wwe superstar big e
Big E

Big E came out and recalled his win at Money in the Bank when Apollo Crews came out followed by the Dirty Dawgs and Shinsuke Nakaura interrupting each other. Cesaro then came out and together with Big E and Nakamura cleared the ring.

WWE Smackdown live results: Angelo Dawkins def Chad Gable

The match started with Dawkins hitting an elbow to Gable followed by a neckbreaker taking him down. Gable fought back with clothesline and got two counts out of it. He then delivered a couple of German suplexes followed by a rolling kick for two counts. Dawkins then delivered the slam and got the pinfall victory.

WWE Smackdown live results: Bianca Belair def Carmella

wwe smackdown results
Belair and Carmella

The match started with Belair delivering a dropkick to Carmella and driving her into the apron. Belair then delivered a fallaway slam to Carmella and then took her down with a moonsault for two close counts. The challenger then went for the superkick but the champion countered with the Kiss of Death to get the win.

Edge came out to address the attack by Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. The Rated R superstar shows video footage from 2014 where Rollins was about to stomp Edge but he didn’t. At that moment, Rollins came out and said that Cena and Edge both returning was disgusting. Rollins then vowed do crush all the dreams of Edge if he continued to be a scumbag. Edge then attacked Rollins and hit him with the Edgecution. He then went for the spear but Rollins escapes.

WWE SmackDown results: Toni Storm def Zelina Vega

Toni Storm started the match with a headbutt to Vega when the latter tried to use the former’s belt. Storm countered with a twisting cutter to get the pinfall victory on her debut.

WWE SmackDown results: Jimmy Uso def Dominik Mysterio

The match started with Dominik trying to hit the springboard but Uso caught him mid-air with a kick. Dominik fought back went for the 619 but Jey took Jimmy out. Rey then took Jey out with a senton when Dominik delivered a dive to take Jimmy down. Dominik then delivered the 619 when Jye distracted him. Jimmy then rolled him when Jey used his leg once again to prevent the kick-out.

Roman Reigns then came out and started insulting Cena. He said Cena had acknowledged him at MITB. Reigns then rejects Cena’s challenge when Finn Balor came out. The Tribal Chief accepted Balor’s challenge as the show ended.

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