WWE Smackdown live results (King of the Ring, Queen’s Crown tournaments begin): 8 October, 2021

Checkout the WWE Smackdown live results where the King of the Ring and Queen's Crown tournaments kick-off.

wwe crown jewel 2021
Belair and Lynch

WWE Smackdown live results: The King of the Ring tournament is back, and it will be beginning along side the first edition of the Queen’s crown. In addition to this, Becky Lynch will be signing the contract for the upcoming match at Crown Jewel.

Stay tuned for the live updates from the Blue brand.

WWE Smackdown live results: Smackdown Women’s Championship contract signing

wwe smackdown live results
Smackdown Women’s Championship contract signing

Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair came out to make things official for WWE Crown Jewel 2021. Before the contract could be signed, a brawl broke out between the three women when Belair set Sasha Banks on then table and then delivered a kiss of death to Lynch through the table taking both the women out.

WWE Smackdown live results: Sami Zayn def Rey Mysterio

wwe smackdown live results
Mysterio and Zayn

The first match of the King of the Ring tournament started with Mysterio trying to steal a win when Zayn delivered a vicious powerbomb to the legend. Mysterio then fought back and delivered a splash to Zayn for two counts. Zayn then drove Mysterio into the ring post when Dominik came out. Zayn then drove Mysterio into the turnbuckle and went for the helluva kick but Mysterio fought back with a dropkick.

Mysterio then delivered a springboard hurricanrana to Zayn when the latter delivered a blue thunderbomb to the legend for two close counts. Dominik tried to distract Zayn when the latter pushed Mysterio into his son and then rolled him up to get the win.

Backstage Seth Rollins was with Kayla Braxton and said that he did everything right since his loss at Summerslam. Rollins said that he went to Edge’s house for an answer for his challenge but he didn’t get it again.

WWE Smackdown live results: Zelina Vega def Toni Storm

The match started with Vega unloading on Storm when the latter fought back with her power and took Vega down with some strikes. Vega then countered a back slide with a roll of her own to get the win.

Roman Reigns came out with the Usos and Paul Heyman to address Brock Lesnar’s attack last week. He asked San Jose to acknowledge him and then praised Heyman. He then said that Suplex city doesn’t exist and that there is only the island of relevancy. He then asked Heyamn to tell the truth that he was responsible for Lesnar being a free agent. He then tried to convince Reigns to his side and then looked into the camera and said that Lesnar will be conquered at Crown Jewel 2021.

WWE Smackdown live results: Carmella def Liv Morgan

wwe smackdown live results
Morgan and Carmella

The first ever Queen’s Crown Tournament match started with Morgan taking Carmella down with her power strikes. Carmella then fought back with a super kick to get the win.

WWE Smackdown live results: Finn Balor def Cesaro

The match started with both the men trying to take each other down when Cesaro drove Balor into the turnbuckle for two counts. The Swiss Cyborg then delivered a huge uppercut to the prince but again was left with two counts. Balor then fought back with a sling blade when Cesaro fought back with a superplex for two close counts. Balor then fought back and delivered the coup de grace to get the win.

Seth Rollins came out and then called Edge out to answer Rollins’ challenge. He then said that since Edge didn’t come out, it is proven that he is not Edge lite and he was better than the Rated R superstar. Rollins then called Edge a coward when the rated R superstar came out. Edge speared Rollins and then attacked him in full rage. Edge then said that it would be a Hell in a Cell match between the two which shocked Rollins.

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