WWE Smackdown live results (Crown Jewel fallout, Season Premiere): 22 October, 2021

Checkout the WWE Smackdown live results from the Season Premiere of the Blue brand, which is also the fallout episode for Crown Jewel.

wwe smackdown live results
The Bloodline

WWE Smackdown live results: The season premier of WWE Smackdown is here. WWE Draft will come into effect from this episode. After a power-packed Crown Jewel, the focus now shifts to Survivor Series, coming next month. The WWE video leads us into the show. A video package highlights last night’s Universal Championship match at Crown Jewel, before we go live into the arena.

Stay tuned for the live updates from the Blue brand.

WWE Smackdown live results: Women’s Championship title exchange

survivor series
Flair and Lynch

With the WWE Draft coming into effect, Charlotte Flair makes her first appearance as the member of the Blue roster. The two Champions will be exchanging their titles. In a backstage segment Lynch reminds everyone that she never lost the Raw Women’s title. She might even want to become Becky 2 Belts again!

Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. WWE Official Sonya Deville is also waiting in the ring, as Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair comes out too. Deville says that they are here for an interesting transaction. She says that they are going to exchange their Championships.

Becky 2 Belts chant picks up. Raw Women’s Championship falls on the mat as Lynch tries to snatch it. Lynch throws her title to Flair. They exchange the titles. The crowd boos Flair. She suggests Winner takes all tonight. Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

Banks says that the Boss runs the Blue brand. She calls Flair a b**ch. Flair says Banks must feel left out. Lynch leaves claiming that she will see either of Flair or Banks at Survivor Series. Flair says does anyone even remember Banks’ reign? Banks punches Flair. They start brawling before Sonya Deville breaks them up.

WWE Smackdown live results: Happy Corbin def. Shinsuke Nakamura

wwe smackdown results
Nakamura with Boogs

Rick Boogs comes out to introduce the Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. This is a Championship Contender’s match. Happy Corbin makes his way to the ring with Madcap Moss. The bell rings and we are under way. They lock up and Nakamura is down.

Corbin punches down the Intercontinental Champion. Nakamura hits back with a series of kicks followed by a dropkick. They trade punches. Boogs plays music while the match goes on and momentarily it seems like Nakamura is possessed. Corbin sends Nakamura outside the ring.

Nakamura tries to fight back with a series of punches but is clotheslines down. He gors for the cover but Nakamura kicks out in 2. Nakamura hits back with a knee to the face. Corbin takes Nakamura down with a smash onto the mat. Boogs starts playing again and Nakamura is up, Moss stops him from playing.

Nakamura comes out ad pushes away Moss. Corbin comes out and smashes Nakamura into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Corbin connects an End of Days for the win.

Result: King Corbin wins

WWE Smackdown live results: Hit Row debuts

The Hit Row faction makes their debut on the Blue brand. They hype all their members and how they plan to dominate Friday night Smackdown. They take on a Tag Team of jobbers. Top Dolla looked to finish things early but the jobbers double teamed. No issues for Top Dolla as he three around the duo to pick up an easy win in their debut.

Result: Hit Row wins

WWE Smackdown live results: Mansoor def. Mustafa Ali

wwe crown jewel 2021
Mansoor and Ali

We have a rematch from WWE Crown Jewel 2021. Mansoor makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and we are under way. Ali goes for the dropkick straightaway, but Mansoor sidesteps. Ali is sent outside the ring. They get back in the ring and Ali is sent out once again.

Mansoor climbs the top rope and delivers a crossbody slam. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Mansoor continues to dominate with a couple of clotheslines and 1..2..3 Mansoor wins again.

Result: Mansoor wins

WWE Smackdown live results: King Xavier’s coronation

wwe smackdown live results
King Xavier

After defeating Finn Balor last night, King Xavier makes his first appearance. Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring, as the crew prepares for the coronation. A video package highlights last night’s match between Woods and Balor. Kingston says that we are gathered here for the grandest of coronations. He welcomes new King of the Ring – King Xavier 1 to the ring.

Woods comes out playing the trombone. Kingston refers to him as Your Majesty. Kingston honors him with the cloak, to protect his Kingdom. A You Deserve It chant picks up. Kingston then bestows the scepter on Woods. Finally, the crown. The crowd cheers loudly.

King Xavier thanks Kofi and the WWE Universe. They helped him turn his dream into a reality. His reign will be fun, but also fair. He gives them an opportunity to hear King’s Gospel. Kofi starts the chant of Hail King Woods.

WWE Smackdown live results: Drew McIntyre def. Sami Zayn

The bell rings and Zayn goes outside the ring. McIntyre goes out and Zayn comes in. They continues this for a couple of times, before McIntyre grabs Zayn and smashes him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Zayn gets control and he gets a couple of pinfall attempts.

He trash talks McIntyre and punches him down. McIntyre picks Zayn and drives him into the ring post, before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre is fired up and hits a neckbreaker. He is ready for the Claymore, but Zayn rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Zayn goes for the Thunderbomb but McIntyre counters with a Glasgow Kiss.

Zayn sidesteps and McIntyre is sent into the ringpost a couple of times. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick and mocks Drew, but is hit with a Claymore Kick out of nowhere. 1..2..3 McIntyre begins his domination on the Blue brand.

Result: Drew McIntyre wins

WWE Smackdown live results: Drew McIntyre appears

wwe smackdown live results

Drew McIntyre makes his first appearance as a member of the Smackdown roster. He comes out to issue an open challenge and see who can stand up to the Smackdown Warrior. He says enough of the BS, lets get ready for the match. He doesn’t care if it is a Maharaja or a Viking, he is ready for anyone. Sami Zayn comes out.

Zayn says he forgot to mention the Master Strategist. He says he is the longest tenured member of Smackdown, and also the locker room leader. Zayn calls McIntyre a newbie. He says he is the best Superstar on Smackdown and accepts McIntyre’s challenge.

WWE Official Adam Pearce says no individual can come out and endanger the Superstars, the crew and the WWE Universe. Not under his watch. He says he is indefinitely suspending Brock Lesnar. The crowd loudly boos. Lesnar slowly walks down the ring smiling.

Lesnar gets in the ring as crowd cheers for Suplex City. Lesnar says he isn’t sure whether he heard Pearce correctly. He grabs Pearce and delivers an F5. Another F5. Pat McAfee points out Pearce’s pants are ripped! Lesnar says he still cannot hear Adam Pearce. Lesnar smiles and leaves.

WWE Smackdown live results: Brock Lesnar vows to beat Roman Reigns senseless

wwe smackdown live results

Before leaving Saudi Arabia, Lesnar has promised to beat Roman Reigns senseless. Lesnar’s music hits and he walks down the ramp. He runs inside and takes Reigns down and sends him outside the ring. Lesnar goes out and Reigns fights back. Lesnar sends Reigns into the steel steps. He stares Heyman and smiles at him.

Lesnar picks up the steel steps and bangs into Reigns’ face. He takes apart the announcer’s table. The Usos run in but Lesnar fights them off. Jimmy sent into the ring post and Jey sent over the barricade. Reigns fights back and is sent into the ring post. Lesnar knocks down a camera man and throws the camera at Reigns.

Beast Incarnate starts tossing the officials throughout. Adam Pearce calls out the roster to stop Lesnar. The Bloodlin leave the ring, as Lesnar stands tall with the Universal title.

WWE Smackdown live results: The Bloodline’s segment

wwe crown jewel 2021
Reigns and Heyman

Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. His reign currently stands at 417 days. They stand in the ring and Reigns asks Heyman whether he is holding that title for him or Brock? Last night, he just threw the title in the ring. Reigns takes his hand out, Heyman hands him the title.

Reigns says thats how it should be done. He says Heyman is not great at his job, but Reigns is. He is the Best of the Best. He has carried WWE for year and a half now. He is Tribal Chief. He is Head of the Table. He is the greatest Universal Champion of all time. Reigns mentions the opponents he has smashed since Wrestlemania. He calls Lesnar, Heyman’s boy.

Reigns acknowledges the fact that Lesnar vowed to beat Roman Reigns senseless. Reigns laughs and throws away Heyman’s phone. He says he runs WWE and isn’t going anywhere. Reigns asks the crowd if they want to see Lesnar, if they want to see him whoop Lesnar’s a** two nights in a row. The crowd cheers loudly. He waits in the middle of the ring.

Reigns says he will not be leaving unless Lesnar shows up, and we cut to a commercial break. We are break and Reigns is still in the ring claiming Lesnar is scared of him. He is the greatest of all time. Lesnar fears him. Reigns asks Heyman that why does Lesnar run his mouth. A We Want Lesnar chant picks up. Reigns says so does he.

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