WWE Smackdown results – 12/02/2021 (Elimination Chamber qualifiers, Seth Rollins returns)

Checkout the highlights and results from the latest episode of WWE Smackdown. Seth Rollins made his return to the Blue brand.

Uso, Reigns and Heyman

The episode of WWE Smackdown kicked off with the Universal Champion making his way to the ring with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. WWE official Adam Pearce was standing in the ring.

Roman Reigns’ blockbuster announcement

Reigns makes an announcement for his Elimination Chamber match

Reigns tells Adam that he is the Sun and everything orbited around him. He never waits for anyone. Just like the previous week, when he met Edge. Edge saw into Roman’s eyes and realized what would be done to him. So he is not worried about Edge anymore.

Reigns asked Pearce why was he in the ring. Pearce informed the Universal Champion that his contract states that Reigns will have to defend his title at the Elimination Chamber. Just like Drew McIntyre is defending his title. Reigns asked Heyman to deal with him.

Paul Heyman mentioned that Reigns’ contract states that he has to defend his title at the Elimination Chamber. Not in the Elimination Chamber. So, the winner of the Elimination Chamber match will face Reigns immediately after, for the Universal Championship. Pearce has to agree to this, as he has no other option. If he decided to fire Reigns, it will be like last year’s Wrestlemania – lowest attendance of all time.

Pearce mentioned that there would be qualifying matches for the slots at the Elimination Chamber. But two slots are already booked – for Jey Uso and Kevin Owens.

Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn def. Rey and Dominik Mysterio (qualify for Elimination Chamber match)

Rey and Dominik hit a 619 on Cesaro

The winners of this match earn spots for the second match inside the Elimination Chamber match. Sami Zayn mentioned that he had been wronged. He deserved a spot inside the Elimination Chamber. But now he is being put in a qualifying match.

Sami sent Dominik to the ropes but Dominik countered with a neck breaker. He went for the cover but Corbin broke it up. Corbin knocked Rey down. He went for End of Days on Dominik but Dominik got out of it.

Rey tripped Corbin onto the second rope as he and Dominik hit the 619. Corbin and Mysterio fight to the outside. Sami with a suplex into the corner taking Dominik down followed by the Helluva Kick. He went for the cover and got the pin.

Big E def. Shinsuke Nakamura (retains Intercontinental Championship)

Crews attacks Big E

The Intercontinental Champion mentioned that last week the odds were stacked against him. But he has vowed to be a defending Champion. Apollo Crews walked out. Crews mentioned that he knows Big E will be issuing an open challenge, and he accepted it.

Big E mentioned that the Open Challenge is for everyone but Crews. Shinsuke Nakamura came out. The match began as Crews stood at the ringside. Nakamura ran towards Big E but Big E knocked him down. He grabbed Nakamura and placed him on the ring apron and hit the Big Splash on the ring apron.

Nakamura went for the reverse exploder but Big E blocked it. Nakamura placed Big E on the top rope and hit a knee to the midsection.

Big E went for the Big Ending but Apollo hit a drop kick as the referee called for the bell.

Seth Rollins returns

Cesaro and Rollins

WWE superstars surrounded the ring as Seth Rollins made his way down to the ring with his Burn it Down theme song. Rollins got in the ring and said it felt good to be back in the ThunderDome. A lot has changed since he sacrificed himself at Survivor Series. He said he had recently become a parent. He is a proud father of a beautiful, perfect baby girl.

Seth says his daughter has changed his life in ways he never could have dreamed of and that change gave him a new perception and vision. When he looks around the ring, he sees some of the most talented performers in WWE history. He is the great leader that SmackDown needs to push it into the future and make it greater than it already is. He says success and leadership, it’s not about what they can do for him, it’s about what he can do for them.

WWE superstars leave the ring. He said he could be their teacher, mentor, father. All they have to do is embrace the vision.

Seth looked around and Cesaro was the only one still standing. Cesaro shook his head and left as Seth got out of the ring and attacked him from behind.

Bayley def. Liv Morgan

Morgan and Bayley

Morgan hit a drop kick off the top rope as the match began. She went for the cover but Bayley kicked out. Liv jumped off the ring steps but Bayley moves out of the way and threw Liv into the barricades. Bayley threw Liv into the ring and went for the cover but Liv kicked out.

Out came Billie Kay and showed her resume to Ruby Riott but Ruby threw the resume away and some fell into the ring. The referee turned and got rid of the resumes. Bayley poked Liv in the eyes and hit her with the Rose Plant to pick up the win.

The Street Profits def. Otis and Gable

Dawkins and Otis

Gable and Dawkins started off the match. Both wrestlers exchanged holds and reversals. A head lock by Gable as Dawkins rolled out. Otis was tagged in.

A shoulder block by Otis and Dawkins was down. Ford jumped into the ring but Otis slammed him down and threw him outside. Otis picked Dawkins up and threw him across the ring. Otis hit the caterpillar as Gable was tagged in.

Ford was tagged in as Dawkins slammed Gable with the Appointment and Ford with the frog splash. He went for the cover and got the pin.

Sasha Banks’ segment

Baszler, Jax, Belair and Banks

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks walked out to the ring. She mentioned that how everyone was talking about Bianca Belair’s win and her decision. Banks likes Belair and knows that the only choice she has to make is to face Banks.

Bianca Belair came out. She mentioned that she likes Banks too, but no. Banks is not the boss of Belair. This is Bianca’s time. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler came out. Nia said that she is surprised by Banks’ and Belair’s big egos.

Baszler mentioned that on Royal Rumble they became the Women’s Tag team Champions again. But they are being ignored. Replays of Jax hurting her rear are shown. Jax and Baszler attacked Banks and Belair. But they trip Nia and she fell rear first on the apron again. They double teamed on Baszler.

Cesaro and Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (qualify for Elimination Chamber match)

Uso attacks Cesaro

Bryan knocked Ziggler down and Cesaro was tagged in. They double teamed Ziggler. Cesaro went for the cover but Ziggler kicked out. A drop kick by Ziggler. He went for the cover but Cesaro kicked out.

Roode and Bryan are tagged in. Bryan with a kick onto Roode. He goes for another but Roode ducked. A knee to the midsection by Roode as he knocked Cesasro off the ring apron. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were watching the match backstage.

Ziggler went for the super kick but Cesaro ducked and hit him with the spine buster. He swung Ziggler around and got the sharpshooter on Dolph as he tapped out.

Jey Uso hit Cesaro with a chair from behind. Sami and Corbin attacked Bryan. Kevin Owens walked out. A stunner for Corbin, Bryan, Cesaro and Uso as the show ended.  

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