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WWE Smackdown results – 22/01/2021 (Intercontinental Championship match, Obstacle course)

Checkout the results and highlights from the latest episode of Smackdown. Intercontinental Championship match and an Obstacle course took place.

Owens attacks Reigns

WWE Friday night Smackdown kicked off with the highlights from the last week’s episode. Kevin Owens returned to the show and replaced Adam Pearce for the Universal Championship match at Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns’ segment

Reigns and Pearce

The Universal Champion made his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. Reigns mentioned that Owens will not be on the show tonight as he has decided so. He agreed that the card subject to change angle last week was clever. But that is what losers think.

But Reigbns doesn’t miss appearances. The only thing that kept him away from the ring was his health concern during the pandemic. But what would happen if he thought like Adam Pearce. Even his back hurts for the carrying the company for years.

What if they hurt till next week. Adam Pearce came out. Pearce mentioned that it was getting out of control. Reigns mentioned that out of control is the fact that Pearce is going against Reigns. He said that no wonder Pearce never made it on WWE. Heyman laughed.

Pearce asked him if it was funny. He said he will take physical intimidation from Reigns but not from Heyman. Reigns told Heyman to straighten Pearce up.

The duo stare each other down. Heyman challenges Pearce to a match. Pearce accepted.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka def. The Riott Squad

Asuka and Liv Morgan

As the match began, the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions completely dominated the match. Billie Kay was accompanying the Riott Squad and got up the apron to distract Flair. Flair grabbed Kay by the hair as Morgan kicked Flair down.

As the match progressed, Asuka went for the Asuka Lock. Bu Ruby came in and went for the cover. But Billie Kay distracted the referee. Asuka fought back and knocked Liv onto Billie. Flair got tagged in and she hit a Natural Selection for the win.

Billie Kay apologizes to the duo after the match. As an apology, she has got the two of them a spot on the Royal Rumble match.

Daniel Bryan’s segment

Daniel Bryan

Bryan talked about the Royal Rumble match. He uncertainty of what number you will get. Watching the countdown, the buzzer hit zero, the music hit. The pain one endures for over an hour is all worth it. As the winner gets to main even Wrestlemania.

Bryan pointed out that in his illustrious career the one thing that still eluded him was a Royal Rumble win. Out came Cesaro. He mentioned that he could explain the rules of Royal Rumble match better than Bryan. Cesaro claimed he will be winning the Royal Rumble match.

Bryan suggested that they quit talking and fight. Cesaro said no. He is fed up of facing Bryan again as he had already beaten him. Instead, he issued an open challenge. Dolph Ziggler came out.

Ziggler mentioned that he has been in the second most number of Royal Rumble matches. No one can match his stamina. He accepted Cesaro’s challenge.

Cesaro def. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Cesaro

Daniel Bryan was on commentary for this match. They continue with back-and-forth attacks. The duo applied multiple submission holds but there equally impressive counters. Ziggler tried to go for the sleeper hold multiple times, but Cesaro got away from it every time.

Ziggler ran to the ropes but Cesaro caught him with the Neutralizer. He went for the cover and got the pin.

Sasha Banks def. Reginald

Banks and Reginald

Carmella was on commentary for this match. Reginald offered a rose to Banks. He asked for a kiss but Banks went for a slap. He caught her hand, but she slapped with the other hand. Reginald tried to lift up Banks but she countered it with a waist lock.

Much of the action in this match looked choreographed. Banks hit a meteora and slapped away the champagne from Carmella’s hands. Sasha hit a double knee followed by a Banks Statement as Reginald tapped out.

Apollo Crews def. Big E (Intercontinental Championship match)

Zayn attacks Big E

Big E began with a belly to belly. Crews replied with a big splash. The action continued outside the ring. But Crews got onto the apron and hit a moonsault. Sami Zayn, who had been handcuffed to the barricade since the start of the show, interfered.

Zayn ran down to the ring and hit both the wrestlers with the Helluva Kick. The referee called for the bell. Crews won via disqualification, hence, the title didn’t change hands.

Bianca Belair def. Bayley (Obstacle course)

Bianca Belair carried Otis

Bayley explained the obstacles that were lying around the ring. Chad Gable is also a part of one of the obstacles.

Bayley flipped a 400-pound tire and went through the obstacles at the ringside. She got Gable into a fireman’s carry and went through. Her time was 1:12.

Before Bianca started, Bayley altered the course to make it more difficult. Instead of keeping Gable, Bianca had to carry Otis in the fireman’s carry. She slam dunks a basketball while Bayley is trying to defend. Belair won with 17 seconds left on the clock. Bayley attacked Belair after the match.

Baron Corbin def. Dominik Mysterio

Mysterio and Corbin

Dominik begun with a drop kick. Corbin slammed Dominik into the turnbuckle. He went for the End of Days, but Mysterio countered it with a drop kick. He went for the 619 but Corbin blocked it.

Corbin got Dominik up and hit the End of Days to pick up the win.

Adam Pearce vs. Paul Heyman (No Contest)

Reigns replaced Heyman

Adam Pearce was I the ring. Paul Heyman came out but struggled to get up the ring. Heyman said card subject to change. Roman Reigns’ music hits.

Reigns gets in the ring and hits a Superman Punch. A low blow by Reigns. Kevin Owens appears as the two men fought in the ring. Reigns went for a Superman punch, but Owens hit a Stunner.

WWE officials ran out as Owens hit another Stunner. He followed with a pop up Powerbomb through the table.

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