WWE Smackdown results – 30/04/2021 (Universal Championship match – if Bryan loses, he will be banned from Smackdown)

Checkout the latest WWE Smackdown results. Roman Reigns managed to retain his title and ensure that Daniel Bryan is banned from Smackdown.

wwe smackdown results
Daniel Bryan is now banned from Smackdown

The show kicked off with a huge pyro display inside the Thunderdome. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair welcomed everyone to the coolest, dopest, hottest show – Friday Night Smackdown.

Bianca Belair’s segment

wwe smackdown results
The 6 wrestlers brawled during the opening segment

As Belair was speaking, she was interrupted by Smackdown Tag Team Champions – Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. They told Bianca that they will take it from there. Out came The Street Profits. The Street Profits said that it might be Smackdown but The Dirty Dawgs are interrupting the main event of Wrestlemania.

Bayle came out to the ring. She grabbed the microphone from Bianca and laughed. She pointed to the Street Profits and laughed, as Bianca slapped her. Bayley took her down as all six Superstars fought inside the ring.

The Street Profits and Bianca Belair def. The Dirty Dawgs and Bayley

wwe smackdown results
Bayley and Belair

Bayley started off with a clothesline on Bianca who countered with a shoulder block. She went for a dropkick but Bayley moved out of the way. Bayley went for a spear in the corner but Bianca moved out of the way and Bayley hit shoulder first as Ziggler got tagged in.

In came Dawkins and shoulder blocked Ziggler. Ford was tagged in and they double teamed Ziggler. In came Roode and they double teamed on him. Bianca threw Bayley to the outside. Ford jumped and flew over the top rope onto Ziggler and Roode while Bayley threw Bianca into the steel steps.

Ziggler with a headlock but Ford got out of it. Ziggler hit a splash. He went for the superkick but Ford hit him with one first. Both men were down as Roode and Dawkins came in. Bianca lifted Ziggler on her shoulders but she dropped him as Bayley came in. Bianca hit her with the KOD.

Roode with a kick onto Dawkins. He went for the cover but Bianca with a whip of the hair onto Roode. Dawkins with the Anointment followed by Ford with the frogsplash for the win.

Natalya and Tamina def. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

wwe smackdown results
Baszler and Tamina

Tamina threw Nia into the turnbuckle as the match began. Tamina knocked Shayna off the ring apron and she climbed the top rope. She went for the splash but Nia got her knees up. Shayna was tagged in. They double teamed on Tamina.

Tamina countered with right hands. She tried to pick Nia up but Nia fell on her. Shayna was tagged back in and she got an armbar locked in. Tamina lifted Shayna and slammed her down.

Natalya was tagged in and she hit a spinning clothesline followed by a German suplex. She went for the sharpshooter but Shayna knocked her down. Nia was tagged in.

Tamina got on the top rope and she knocked Reginald off the ring apron. Natalya beat up on Reginald on the outside as Shayna attacked Natalya. Tamina with a headbutt to take Shayna down. She followed with a Superfly Splash for the win.

Big E def. Apollo Crews (via disqualification)

wwe smackdown results
Big E and Crews

Apollo went for a waist lock but Big E threw him down. Apollo got back up and ran to the ropes, but Big E caught him with an abdominal stretch. Apollo was sent to the ropes and a back elbow by Big E. Big E hit the big splash on the ring apron and went for the cover but Apollo had his foot on the bottom rope.

Apollo hit a clothesline and dragged Big E to the outside and hit him with a suplex. Big E was standing on the ring apron but Apollo’s jump up kick knocked him down. Apollo landed a moon sault on Big E taking him out.

Apollo threw Big E back in the ring and climbed the top rope. He jumped as Big E moved out of the way and hit a belly to belly followed by the big splash.

Big E went for a spear but Apollo with a knee to the face. He picked Big E up and dropped him on the back of his neck onto the ring apron. Crews climbed the top rope and hit a frog splash. He went for the Olympic slam, Big E landed on his feet and picked up Crews.

Big E hit him with the Big Ending and went for the cover but Commander Azeez dragged Big E to the outside and threw him into the ring post as the referee called for the bell. Kevin Owens ran in and attacked Commander Azeez, who took him down too.

He and Crews double teamed Owens. In came Big E who knocked Crews to the outside as he and Owens double teamed Azeez in the corner but Azeez knocked Big E down again. In came Sami who hit Kevin with the Helluva Kick.

Crews and Azeez cleaned house. Sami grabbed the Intercontinental Championship. Crews and Azeez told him to give the belt back. Sami gave Crews the belt and told them he had no problem but Azeez knocked Sami down.

Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan (retains Universal Championship, Bryan is banned from Smackdown)

wwe smackdown results
Bryan and Reigns

Roman Reigns made his way down to the ring with a new theme song. Bryan began with a dropkick onto Roman. He got Reigns in the corner but Roman pushed him away. Roman with a big right hand that knocked Bryan down.

Bryan went for the Yes Lock but Roman escaped and rolled to the outside of the ring. Bryan got on the ring apron and landed the running knee. A huge clothesline by Roman knocked Bryan down. Roman went for the cover but Bryan kicked out. Roman with a snap suplex followed by the cover but Bryan kicked out again.

Roman grabbed Bryan but Bryan with a series of uppercuts. Roman pushed Bryan away as he ran towards Bryan but Bryan landed a drop toe hold. He placed Roman on the top rope. Bryan went for a hurricanrana but Roman hung on. He lifted Bryan up and hit him with a powerbomb off the second rope.

The action continued outside the ring, as Reigns threw Bryan into the barricade. A series of knees to the head by Reigns followed. Roman climbed the top rope but Bryan slid under him and tripped Roman up.

Bryan climbed the top rope and a back suplex by Bryan took both men are down. Bryan went for the cover but Roman kicked out. An uppercut by Bryan followed by kicks. Bryan went for another kick but Roman ducked and hit him with a Samoan drop.

Roman went for the Superman Punch but Bryan hit him with a kick. Bryan with a suicide dive but Roman caught him and threw him down. Roman went for the spear but Bryan moved out of the way and Roman went through the barricade.

Back in the ring, Roman went for the spear but Bryan rolled Roman and went for the cover but Roman kicked out. Bryan hit the running knee. He went for the cover again but Roman got his foot on the bottom rope.

Bryan stomped on Roman’s head. Roman went for the guillotine in the middle of the ring but Bryan got out of it. Bryan attacked Roman’s right arm and applied the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Roman tried to get to the ropes but Bryan reversed it back into the Yes Lock.

Roman lifted Bryan up and slammed him down onto the mat. Bryan held onto Roman’s right arm. Roman switched to the left arm and got a guillotine on Bryan in the middle of the ring. Bryan faded as the referee called for the bell.

Roman grabbed several steel chairs and brought them into the ring. Out came Cesaro as he hit Roman with an uppercut. Cesaro threw Roman back into the ring but Jey Uso hit Cesaro from behind with a superkick.

Jey threw Cesaro into the ring and they tied Cesaro up in between the ropes. Roman hit Bryan with a conchairto as SmackDown went off air.

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