WWE Summer Slam Plans For Randy Orton Revealed

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There are speculations that the “viper” might be working with NXT superstars at the Summerslam 2020.

The Viper is most likely to be involved in a storyline with Tomasso Ciampa and Adam Cole.
The change in plans occured after his original opponent, R-Rated superstar EDGE was ruled out owing to a tricep injury.

Infact, it is being said that it was Orton who pushed to work with Ciampa and Cole in the NXT.
Earlier on popular social media App”Instagram”, several NXT stars including Tiampa had revealed that how Orton had assumed a mentorship Role for several NXT stars who had earlier stints at other Wrestling ventures likes the ROW and TNA, and expressed a desire to someday work with the “VIPER” himself.

However, the only thing that could be coming in the way is the fact that currently WWE does not have enough heels. So with Orton being one of the best Heels in the history of WWE, he might have to shelf away the NXT project and get involved with a main roster star, probably the WWE CHAMPION, Drew McIntyre.

The only other option being a return of Brock Lesnar at the Summerslam and a McIntyre Vs Lesnar match. Another hotly pushed match could be a Lashley- Lesnar match.
Currently, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton are two of the best performing male stars of the company.
The Orton-McIntyre is the ideal fixture for Summerslam given both are the top representatives of a face Vs heel.

Also, given that Raw is the main somewhat the main engine of WWE, Orton-McIntyre is going to be the Main priority of the company, Unless Lesnar decides to make a come back. But even then, the two are definitely poised to clash at Wrestlemania 37. Given McIntyre’s history of having so many feuds with different opponents over a short periods of time , it is likely that WWE will be focusing on building towards a Orton-McIntyre feud.

If WWE successfully builds this feud, then it will be one of the defining ones in McIntyre’s reign as WWE champion. An NXT project involving Randy Orton could also happen given, Randy Orton himself is interested in it.


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