Who will exit WWE Summerslam 2021 as the Raw Tag Team Champions?

AJ Styles and Omos will battler Randy Orton and Riddle at Summerslam 2021 with the Raw Tag Team Championships on the line.

The Raw Tag Team Championships will be defended at Summerslam

WWE Summerslam 2021 will feature AJ Styles and Omos defending the Raw Tag Team Championships against Randy Orton and Riddle. The match would be action packed and the old rivalry between AJ Styles and Randy Orton could reignite in a newer version as well.

After defending the championships at Money in the Bank, Styles and Omos have been on a different level of confidence and the Phenomenal One’s dependence on Omos could lead to new Tag Team Champions being crowned.

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AJ Styles and Omos have dominated the tag team division of Raw

On the other hand, Orton and Riddle have not got the faith for each other which makes their team a bit weak. After Orton delivered an RKO to Riddle and the very next week reunited with him, the WWE Universe is confused if RKBro could resist the team work of the champions.

But whatever happens in the match, it would be a treat to the WWE Universe because of the long storyline built by the company in the making of this match. Also, the power of Omos and the brain of Styles will face the athleticism of Riddle and the mind games of Orton which makes the match even sweeter.

Who will exit Summerslam as the Raw Tag Team Champions?

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Will the Raw Tag Team Championships change hands at Summerslam 2021?

After weeks of heated war of words and dingles competition, RKBro will finally meet Styles and Omos in a tag team match which could be the end of their rivalry as well. According to the storylines being developed, it can be said that Randy Orton and Riddle will become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

This can be said because WWE will look to create trust between Orton and Riddle and enhance the tag team division of Raw. If unmatchable trust is developed, a future split up and rivalry between Orton and Riddle can also be seen.

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