WWE Summerslam rivalries: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have fought together as well as against each other WWE Summerslam

wwe summerslam
Flair and Lynch

WWE Summerslam is less than a fortnight away and some blockbuster matches have been announced for the card. Most of the matches that have been announced for “The Biggest Party of the Summer” this year will be Championship matches.

But this event is much more than that. Its not just about the titles, its about the interesting storylines, the iconic rivalries and some brutal bouts. While our list has been revolving around some of the most iconic Summerslam rivalries, this one is probably the most intriguing one.

Two of the biggest Superstars of the company – “The Queen” Charlotte Flair and “The Man” Becky Lynch hold a unique distinction of having teamed up on one occasion and fought on the other at WWE Summerslam! In 2015, both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, along with Sasha Banks, were making their debuts on the main roster.

At that time an interesting storyline, which involved most of the Superstars from the Women’s division was going on. For this storyline, Alicia Fox had teamed up with the Bella Twins, Flair and Lynch had aligned ways with Paige whereas Sasha Banks had gone on to team up with Naomi and Tamina.

This led to Flair and Lynch’s first appearance on Summerslam, and consequently also their first win at the event. Lynch had pinned Brie Bella for the win. But the rivalry between Flair and Lynch came later in 2018.

WWE Summerslam 2018: Charlotte Flair was crowned the Smackdown Women’s Champion

wwe summerslam
Lynch and Flair debuted together on the main roster

The rivalry initially involved Carmella, who was then the Smackdown Women’s Champion and Becky Lynch. Lynch had defeated Carmella in a non-title match to earn a shot at the Championship. During an episode of Smackdown, Carmella attacked Lynch and Flair made her return to WWE TV, and saved Lynch.

During the same night, Flair defeated Carmella in a non-title match to also be added to Lynch’s Championship match. The Championship match for WWE Summerslam was now a triple threat match. As their match progressed it seemed like Lynch would win the title when she applied the “Dis-Arm-Her” onto Carmella.

But Flair interfered and applied the Natural Selection for the win. Additionally, The Queen Charlotte Flair also holds a 100% record at WWE Summerslam. She has participated in the event on four occasions and has emerged victorious every single time! But the rivalry between Flair and Lynch did not end there. Lynch turned Heel on the same night and attacked Flair.  

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