Becky Lynch responds to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair’s comments on Raw

Becky Lynch responds to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair’s comments on Raw

Flair and Lynch

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair recently name-dropped Becky Lynch on the latest episode of WWE Raw. Lynch’s name is being constantly chanted by the live fans, whenever Charlotte Flair appears. It first happened at the Money in the Bank PPV, when Flair was facing Ripley for the Raw Women’s Championship.

That night Charlotte Flair tried to silence them, simply by flipping the bird, which even forced WWE to cut the live feed. Instead of silencing the live fans, the move encouraged the fans to chant Becky Lynch’s name, even more passionately.


Flair captured the Raw Women’s Championship at MITB, and when she appeared on Raw recently, fans again started chanting Becky Lynch’s name. An aggravated Flair said that Lynch was busy at home breastfeeding, while she was on Raw, taking care of the Women’s division.  

Becky Lynch soon took to Twitter to respond to the call-out by WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair. Lynch has been teasing her WWE return for quite some time, and there was certain level of surety for her return at Money in the Bank. But whenever she returns, we might see her getting involved in a feud with Flair.

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair lost her Raw Women’s title in less than hours

nikki a.s.h.
Nikki cashed in her title within 24 hrs

At Money in the Bank 2021, Charlotte Flair managed to defeat Rhea Ripley to become the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Her win made it seem like this was going to be a long-dominant run. But surprisingly, Flair lost the title in less than 24 hours.


On the latest episode of Raw, just the night after MITB, Flair was involved in a title rematch with Ripley. But the match ended in a disqualification, following which Ripley brutally attacked Flair. This allowed Women’s Money in the Bank winner, Nikki A.S.H. to run in and successfully cash in her contract.

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