WWE Survivor Series 2021: Can Bianca Belair win the match for Team Raw?

The EST of WWE Bianca Belair will be representing Team Raw at WWE Survivor Series 2021.

bianca belair
The EST of WWE

Bianca Belair has been on a dream run since the beginning of the year. She kicked off 2021 with a massive win in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. She outlasted 29 opponents to earn the right to main-event WWE’s biggest night of the year – Wrestlemania. Since winning the rumble, Belair made it clear that she was after Sasha Banks, for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

The Boss and the EST of WWE collided in the main event of Night One of Wrestlemania 37. Belair emerged victorious in the historic match, kicking off her first reign as a Champion. Her reign mostly involved title defenses against Carmella, but she lost the title at “The Biggest Party of the Summer” after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of The Man, Becky Lynch.

Even after losing the title, Belair kept on challenging Lynch for the title, but failed to capture ot after several attempts. In the WWE Draft 2021, both Becky Lynch and Belair were moved to the Red brand, and it seemed like they would continue their feud – this time for the Raw Women’s Championship. Belair got one shot at the title, but failed once again. Post this, Lynch demanded for some new challenger to step up.

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, a Fatal 5-Way match took place between Belair, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Rhea Ripley and Queen Vega took place for becoming the No.1 Contender. Initially, it seemed like WWE will keep Belair in the title picture, but that was not the case. Liv Morgan emerged victorious and will now challenge Lynch for the title.

Interestingly, all the participants of the Fatal 5-Way match are the members of Team Raw for WWE Survivor Series 2021. Belair is once again the frontrunner to lead her team to victory, but that might not be the case this time. Doudrop has been constantly attacking the EST of WWE, and we might see her do the same at Survivor Series.

Bianca Belair will next feud against Doudrop

wwe survivor series 2021
Belair and Doudrop

Doudrop recently turned Heel, after she attacked Bianca Belair during the Fatal 5-Way match. This ensured that Bianca Belair moved out of the title scene and at the same time teased the next feud for the EST of WWE. With Doudrop turning Heel, she might once again show up at WWE Survivor Series 2021 and ensure that Belair is eliminated from the match.

While the WWE Universe is having a hard time to accept Doudrop as a babyface, a feud between her and Belair could do wonders for Doudrop. In fact, their feud might even lead to a brutal stipulation match at WWE’s final PPV of the year – Tables, Ladders and Chairs. We do know Belair’s prowess in the ring, but some of it could rub off on Doudrop too.

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