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“Thankful,” Edge discusses teaming up with Beth Phoenix

The Rated-R Superstar Edge discusses the opportunity of teaming up with his wife and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Rated R Superstars and the Glamazon

Edge is considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers off all time. Nicknamed as the Rated-R Superstar, Edge enjoyed as much success as a singles wrestler, as he did in the Tag Team competition. Over his tenure with the company, he has won the WWE Championship 4 times and is a 7-time World Heavyweight Championship.

In fact, the Rated-R Superstar was the first Superstar in the history of the company to win all three – King of  the Ring, Money in the Bank Ladder match and the Royal Rumble. Despite being one of the most accomplished star in the history of the company, Edge’s career came to a screeching halt in 2011 due to his career-ending neck injury.

But at Royal Rumble 2020, he made a shocking return and has never looked back since. He even went on to win the 2021 Royal Rumble. After impressing for nearly two years in the singles competition, the former Champion is returning to Tag Team wrestling – this time, with none other than his wife, Beth Phoenix.

Edge and Beth Phoenix appeared together for the first time ever on WWE TV at Day 1. They have been married only after the Rated R Superstar announced his retirement in 2011. Hence, they never got a chance or reason to appear together on screen.

“This weekend was so much fun. For the first time ever Beth and I had interaction on screen for WWE. The best stuff happens when you can tell the performers are having fun, and Beth and I are havin a blast. This month will probably be the first and last time you see us in this capacity, and I’m so thankful we get the opportunity” – wrote the Ultimate Opportunist on Instagram.

Edge and Beth Phoenix will face The Miz and Maryse

Mixed Tag Team match

The perfect feud which provides an opportunity to the Rated – R Superstar to team up with Glamazon arose at Day 1. While Edge was battling against The Miz, Maryse interfered to help the A-lister. But Phoenix ran in to even the odds. The two teams are now scheduled to collide at Royal Rumble 2022.

Interestingly, in his Instagram post the Rated R Superstar wrote that it will be the last time they are seen on WWE TV together. This might be an indication that this feud will not be continuing till Wrestlemania 38 as earlier expected. Beth Phoenix had given up her role as an NXT commentator to head back to the main roster.

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