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“Alright kid, is it’s your time”; When the Undertaker revealed that he had changed the script to let the Rock win a match

After seeing his debut, the Undertaker thought that the Rock couldn't be a success

The Rock with the Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most powerful superstars in WWE history. Though he is one of the most famous superstars in the history company, it is said that WWE is famous because of the Phenom. Not a single person can complain about the Deadman’s skills and athleticism and the respect he has earned is unmatchable.


The dead man appeared on a session of Cold as Balls with the Hollywood megastar Kevin Hart a few months back and revealed that he had helped the Rock win a match against him by changing the whole script. The dead man said that it was his duty to bring the young generation to the top and so she did.

‘Definitely, one of them would be your buddy, The Rock, way back in the day, you could tell he was right here, on the threshold. We were in a match on Monday Night Raw, bunch of different things going on, it got kinda screwed up, and I had to audible. I had to change things. I’m the tenured vet there, right, and I remember telling him, “Alright kid, it’s your night!” He hit me with the Rock Bottom, he beat me. It was the right thing to do for business. I told Vince, “I said, look, we were in trouble time-wise. I trust you.”’


The Undertaker also revealed what he thought after the Rock’s debut at Survivor Series

The Rock WWE debut

The Rock made his debut in WWE in 1996 as a part of the traditional 5 on 5 elimination match at Survivor Series. But things didn’t go the way they were planned for the Rock. This led to the Undertaker thinking that the character of the Rock couldn’t be that entering. Here’s what he said:

‘I had no clue to how charismatic he was. I was like, “Such a shame, he’s not gonna be here long.” I mean, they handcuffed him right out of the get go, right? I remember watching him, and the Garden [fans], they’re merciless if they don’t like what you’re doing. And man, they just lit him up.’Metro.co.uk

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