Throwback: The Great Khali wins 20-man Battle Royal to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

WWE Hall of Famer, The Great Khali, the man who defeated 20-men to become the World Heavyweight Champion, is now trending on social media because of the trolls.

the great khali
The Great Khali won the 20-Man Battle Royal to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion
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The Great Khali is one of the most towering figures to have ever stepped inside the WWE ring. The 7-foot-1 giant was not only a crowd-puller due to his size, but he is also the first ever Indian to be signed by WWE.

Throughout his illustrious career Khali successfully stood against some of the stalwarts of the industry like The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, John Cena and Shawn Michaels. But the highlight of his career will always be the 20-Man Battle Royal on Smackdown in 2007.

The 20-Man Battle Royal match was for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Great Khali was the Last Man Standing after overcoming some Superstars like – Kane, Batista, Mark Henry and Matt Hardy. Khali was crowned the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Khali retired in November 2014 and returned to India to train the aspiring WWE Superstars. But he continues to make special appearances on WWE. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021, during the Wrestlemania 37 week.

The Great Khali is being flooded with bizarre requests on his social media

The Great Khali memes
The Great Khali memes have been trending on social media

Despite all his achievements inside the WWE ring and in the world of professional wrestling, The Great Khali has been trending on social media for reasons that haven’t impressed him.

People have been trolling Khali, since the last few days by requesting him to do bizarre things like “Sir moon tod ke, raat khatam kar do (Sir break the moon and end the concept of nights)” and “Sir apni shirt faad ke 100 masks bana do (Sir tear your shirt and make 100 masks from it).

The Great Khali memes
The latest posts on The Great Khali’s account have turned into memes
The Great Khali memes
The comment section has now been disabled

These memes have taken over the internet, since the last few days. But The Great Khali is predictably annoyed by this attention and has turned off the comments on his Instagram accounts. While new comments cannot be added to his post, you can checkout the older ones on his Instagram handle.

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