WWE TLC predictions – Top 5 possible Face and Heel turns

WWE’s TLC is the final PPC of 2020. Here is our list of Top 5 possible character turns that we might see on WWE TLC.

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Sheamus, Orton, Belair and The Usos

WWE is gearing for its final PPV of the year, TLC. Undoubtedly, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon will be trying to make sure that WWE ends this year with a bang. We could possibly see multiple Face and Heel turns in order to make the event more exciting.

Here is our list of Top 5 Heel/Face changes that could take place on WWE TLC.

#1 Sheamus turns Heel

wwe drew mcintyre sheamus - FirstSportz
Sheamus and McIntyre brawl backstage

This is the most obvious Heel turn on the list. Sheamus has been teaming up with his former tag partner, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. There have been numerous teases of Sheamus turning on McIntyre.

On the last episode of Raw, the duo had a handicapped match against Miz, Morrison and AJ Styles. Sheamus accidentally hit a Brogue Kick to McIntyre, which resulted in them losing the match. They brawled backstage right after the match.

We could see a similar visual on WWE TLC. Sheamus Brogue kicks McIntyre to cost him the WWE Championship. We might see a new WWE Champion at TLC – AJ Styles or The Miz, with a little help from Sheamus.

#2 Jey Uso turns Face

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Jey Uso with Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns will be facing Kevin Owens at TLC, for the Universal Championship. In this brutal rivalry, Uso too has gotten involved on numerous occasions.

The Universal Champion himself attacked Uso with a steel chair. Last week on Smackdown. Since Uso teamed up with Reigns, things have not been peaceful. Reigns has consistently shown his dismay towards Uso’s actions. At some point, Uso is bound to turn Face again.

On WWE TLC, we could see Jey Uso turn Face once again. He could even cost Roman Reigns his Universal title.

#3 Bianca Belair turns Heel

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Bianca Belair

Sasha Banks looks well positioned to retain her Smackdown Women’s title. Her feud with Carmella might come to an end at WWE TLC. Considering she is in the initial phase of her Championship run, she is bound to retain the title.

The big Heel turn on the women’s division could come from Bianca Belair. Belair’s character on WWE is based on her telling that how she is better than anyone else. This is not usually a trait for babyfaces on WWE. This could be a tease from WWE, that Belair is going to turn Heel. She might attack Banks during her match on WWE TLC.

#4 Randy Orton turns Face

wwe tlc randy orton the fiend - FirstSportz
The Fiend faces Orton at WWE TLC

The Viper, Randy Orton has undoubtedly been one of the biggest Heels in the history of WWE. But, anyone who faces The Fiend, changes in some form.

Orton will be facing The Fiend on WWE TLC. So, the change we see in Orton, could be in terms of a Face turn. Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan, all changed after they faced The Fiend. Similar change could be seen with Randy Orton.

While neither of the two wrestlers are clearly a Face in this rivalry, we might see a change in Orton. Orton and Fiend, both are top Heels in the company right now. WWE will not want to make either of them look weak in the match.

#5 Jimmy Uso turns Heel

hiac roman reigns usos - FirstSportz
Reigns with The Usos

Kevin Owens might think that he just needs to take care of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso at WWE TLC. But that’s where the possibility of Jimmy Uso’s return opens up. Jimmy might return out of the blue, and help Roman Reigns retain his title.

Jimmy Uso might return as a Heel and join his family on WWE Smackdown. If Jimmy does return to WWE TLC, it might be the biggest highlight for WWE TLC. Uso’s return to WWE might even provide a much needed push to the Tag team segments on WWE.

WWE TLC airs live on 20th December, 2020.

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