Top 10 WWE Superstars – from the current women’s division

Checkout the list of Top 10 WWE Superstars from the current Women’s division.

top 10 wwe superstars
Top 10 WWE Superstars from the WWE Women's division

The WWE Women’s division has come a long way from being only about glitz and glamour. Today when you tune in to WWE shows, you see the same level of high-quality professional wrestling, irrespective of the men’s and women’s division. WWE has successfully ensured that their women’s division is on par with their male counterparts.

It has taken decades of hard work and dedication from innumerable Superstars to reach to bring the women’s division to this point. But now it is the responsibility of the Superstars from the current main roster to ensure that the division continues to grow. This list ranks the top WWE Superstars from the main roster, based on their performances, promos and the fans’ reactions.

Here is our list of Top 10 WWE Superstars from the current women’s division:

#10 Natalya


Natalya is one of the few Superstars who’ve not only contributed to the women’s roster through her in-ring performances, but she has contributed towards the division outside the ring too. She is one of the locker room leaders of the women’s division and has played a crucial role in taking the women’s division onward and upward.

Natalya has proved her abilities in the ring time and again. She, along with Lacey Evans, even represented the women’s division in a historic match in Saudi Arabia. She has been WWE’s go-to wrestler for some crucial matches.

But being a true leader, Natalya ensures that the whole division progresses with her. She had successfully rallied hard for ensuring that the whole of women’s division gets a chance to perform at Wrestlemania 37. Natalya hasn’t been given much opportunities for delivering promos, but she proudly continues the legacy of the legendary Hart family.

#9 Rhea Ripley

top 10 wwe superstars
Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion and this is her second stint on the main roster. While we have often seen her hard-hitting promos on WWE’s black and gold brand, we are yet to see a similar performance on the main roster.

Ripley was introduced to the main roster this year at WWE Royal Rumble 2021. But unfortunately, her journey on the Red-brand has not been encouraging. Her promos and her in-ring performances are yet to reach the level that the fans had loved watching during her days on NXT.

She is currently involved in a feud with Asuka and Charlotte Flair, two of the best in business currently. We hope that their abilities brush up on Ripley and we again see the bada** Rhea Ripley that we’re used to. Her recent dismal performances have restricted Ripley to the bottom half of the Top 10 WWE Superstars list.

#8 Sasha Banks

top 10 wwe superstars
Sasha Banks

“The Boss” Sasha Banks had been a Champion for a major part of the last year. While her promos lacked the emotions and realism to get the fans excited, her in-ring performances never failed to impress. But her Championship reign had to come to an end due to Bianca Belair’s push.

Banks has been missing from WWE, since her loss at Wrestlemania. But she might soon be back, with WWE beginning live tours soon and the Boss Time can begin once again on WWE.

#7 Shayna Baszler

top 10 wwe superstars
Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler is one of the pioneers of women’s MMA, who now has shifted her focus to WWE’s squared circle. Her work on NXT is still considered to be the highlights of his career. Baszler still holds the record for total days spent as NXT Women’s Champion, over her two stints.

Baszler immediately became a crowd favorite on NXT due to the brutality that she brought to the ring. WWE expected to capitalize on her popularity and introduced her to the main roster. A single segment, where she bit Becky Lynch, made it clear that a monster had arrived on the main roster.   

Since her debut on the main roster, her character has been watered down. But inside the ring, her finisher Kirifuda Clutch still remains one of the most dreaded moves. While her performance level inside the ring are still high, her promos and storylines with Nia Jax and Reginald have negatively affected her character, hence she finds a spot on the bottom half of the Top 10 WWE Superstars list.

#6 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is currently performing on a completely different level than the entire women’s division. Bliss was surprisingly added to The Fiend’s storyline and her performances have gone on to a whole new level.

The fans are divided on the whole supernatural gimmick, but we are just judging Bliss’ work here. Her promos on Firefly Fun House and Alexa’s Playground are something that has never been witnessed on WWE’s women’s division. The fact that Bliss turned on The Fiend, allowing Orton to win at Mania, shows that WWE might’ve planned a gimmick match between Bliss and The Fiend.  

Bliss would’ve been higher up on the list, but its been quite some time since we’ve seen her in a traditional wrestling match. Her character is not allowing her to participate in such matches, and have always had the supernatural gimmick added to them. But it would interesting to see if WWE decides to allow this character to have matches sans the gimmicks.

#5 Bianca Belair

top 10 wwe superstars
Bianca Belair

There aren’t many occasions where a women’s match is considered to be the highlight of a WWE event. But Bianca Belair completely owned the Night One of Wrestlemania 37. Her first ever-title on WWE came on the biggest night of WWE.

Bianca Belair’s ability in the ring is currently unmatched on the roster and the promos of the EST of WWE are improving everyday. It currently seems like WWE has planned a long-run for Belair as a Champion, and that is improving her performance on the main roster. Belair is one of the Superstars who is improving constantly and can soon find herself in the tier of the Top 10 WWE Superstars list

#4 Bayley

top 10 wwe superstars

Bayley has recently gone on to a whole new level with her Heel character getting the comedic elements. Her promos have a real feel to them, and her talk-show Ding, Dong Hello has also received much appreciation from the fans.

Bayley is probably the only wrestler who made her presence felt on Wrestlemania 37, despite not being a part of the match card. This tells a lot about her skills on the mic. Recently, she has not been seen competing much inside the ring. But the ongoing feud with Bianca Belair might cover that gap too.

#3 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch

Lynch is the only Superstar on the list who is part of the main roster but isn’t active currently. She is on a maternity leave. But prior to going on her leave, Lynch was on a dominant run on WWE, and was the face of the company. Her popularity was, arguably, way more than the top guys on the men’s division.  

Lynch has held the Raw and the Smackdown Women’s Championship jointly. While she had lost the Smackdown title, she had to relinquish her Raw title before going on the maternity leave. Lynch’s promos always hyped up the fans. She is undoubtedly the top star of WWE, and the company would wish to have her back as soon as possible.

#2 Asuka

top 10 wwe superstars
Asuka is a close second on the Top 10 WWE Superstars list

The dominance of The Empress can be justified from the fact that she had never submitted or been pinned from her debut in October 2015 until Wrestlemania 34 in April, 2018. She holds the distinction of troubling every top star on the roster from Becky Lynch to Sasha Banks to Bayley.

The winner of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, has time and again displayed her skills inside the ring. But WWE has rarely used her to deliver promos. She is usually used for interrupting others’ promos, with her comedic antics.

#1 Charlotte Flair

top 10 wwe superstars
Charlotte Flair tops the Top 10 WWE Superstars list

“The Queen” Charlotte Flair is a Superstar that the WWE Universe loves to hate. Despite being a 13-time World Champion, fans often direct the hate for her on-screen character towards the person playing it. But Flair has always managed to shut them out and continue to deliver high-quality work, earning herself the top spot on the Top 10 WWE Superstars from the WWE women’s division.

WWE had been trying to establish Flair as a face, but now even they’ve accepted that Flair as a Heel is way more acceptable to the fans. Flair excels in delivering convincing, hard-hitting promos and her in-ring abilities have never been doubted, earning her the top spot on this list.

List Of Top 10 Female Wrestlers :

#1Charlotte Flair
#3Becky Lynch
#5Bianca Belair
#6Alexa Bliss
#7Shayna Baszler
#8Sasha Banks
#9Rhea Ripley

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