Top 4 Opponents of Universal Champion Roman Reigns!

Let's find out who are the Top 4 Opponents of Universal Champion Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns is the most prominent full-time performer on the present WWE stable, as he has been the headliner of all major events for quite some time, notably 4 successive WrestleMania main events. The Big Dog, in addition to being WWE’s top Superstar, has won numerous championships on the main roster, crowning him a Grand Slam Champion.

During his career, Reigns has faced a variety of adversaries. Because he was a face for the bulk of his career, the majority of his opponents were heels. He had some awe-inspiring feuds, like all other famous names.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 opponents of Roman Reigns:

Top 4 Opponents of Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt, like Braun Strowman of The Wyatt Family, had an incredible feud with Roman Reigns. They had a long battle earlier in 2015, and it was undoubtedly one of Reigns’ best rivalries.

At the MITB pay-per-view, Wyatt launched a brutal assault on Reigns, which kicked off the feud. Wyatt won their first fight at Battleground, and they also faced each other in tag team matches at SummerSlam and Night of Champions. Reigns evened the tally with Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match, bringing their rivalry to a close.


The Undertaker‘s renowned undefeated run had already been snapped at WrestleMania XXX, but at WrestleMania 33, Reigns inflicted a second defeat to Undertaker’s record. In 2017, The Big Dog and The Phenom faced off in a No Holds Barred battle on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Despite the fact that it was Undertaker and Reigns’ only singles match, the two men stole the stage in the main event. Reigns pinned The Undertaker after multiple near falls, bringing him his second WrestleMania setback.

Triple H

As a business bad, Triple H used his father-in-law and spouse to make Reigns’ life a miserable nightmare. Triple H was a frequent rival for Roman Reigns, be it as a part of the Evolution or a singles opponent.

When The Shield was on top of the world, they defeated Triple H’s Evolution at 2014 Extreme Rules and Payback. Their biggest 1v1 match happened to take place at the main event of WrestleMania 32, where Reigns defeated The Game to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Brock Lesnar

roman reigns
Top 4 Opponents of Universal Champion Roman Reigns! 2

With a feud dating back to 2015, Brock Lesnar is without a doubt Roman Reigns’ archrival. The Big Dog first met The Beast Incarnate at WrestleMania 31, when the former won the Royal Rumble match and gained a crack at the WWE Championship.
Eventually, Reigns and Lesnar wrestled for the Universal Championship several times. Reigns finally defeated The Beast at the 2018 SummerSlam, after many efforts to capture the Universal Championship.

Another big match between the two greats was scheduled to happen at WWE Day 1 which was unfortunately called just before a few minutes of the event because of Roman Reigns getting tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

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