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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon slaps Raw Superstar

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon slapped Austin Theory on the latest episode of WWE Raw.


Vince McMahon, the CEO and Chairman of WWE, is considered to be one of the biggest names in the professional wrestling industry. In addition to being a wrestling promoter and a businessman, McMahon is also often seen performing inside the WWE ring. While we haven’t seen him in action as a professional wrestler for a long time now, but he makes sporadic appearances to cut promos.

Fans are often excited to see McMahon on-screen and now the excitement has significantly increased considering how rarely he appears. While we have already seen the WWE CEO and Chairman make a couple of appearances this year – Wrestlemania 37 and Smackdown, he made a surprise appearance during the recently concluded Survivor Series 2021.

The recent WWE PPV was sponsored by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Netflix movie – Red Notice. As a promotional tactic, McMahon unveiled a Golden Egg – which Vince revealed was given to him by The Rock. During Survivor Series, the egg was stolen, angering Vince McMahon. He ordered everyone to locate the egg. This storyline continued on the following episode of Raw, and Austin Theory located the egg, earning himself a WWE Championship match as a reward.

While Theory ended up losing the title bout, he did manage to impress the boss. In fact, this week on Raw, it seemed like McMahon had taken Theory under his wings. The two of them cut a goofy promo which only McMahon could pull off – and he even explained Theory to always expect the unexpected!

Later that night, in another backstage segment Vince McMahon offered a handshake to Theory. The newest Superstar in the main roster went to oblige and was slapped instead – implying the lesson “Expect the Unexpected!” But Theory seems to be quite impressed and even went on to compare himself and McMahon with Count Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars!

Vince McMahon might continue to appear on Raw

McMahon and Theory

While the storyline with the Golden Egg seems to have concluded, it seems quite likely that he will continue to appear on the Red brand. Raw has been facing the issue of low ratings since quite some time now and Vince McMahon might be appearing to get those ratings up.

But on the other hand, the two episodes that have followed have been really solid, much better than what we have seen in the last couple of years. It remains to be seen how long this association between Theory and McMahon continues.

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