Who is Finn Balor wife and how is she related to sports?

Finn Balor married sports presenter Veronica Rodriguez in 2019

Who is Finn Balor wife?
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Finn Balor is one of the most popular and talented superstars in all of WWE. His career has always seen increase in fan following and there are very few who dislike him. Though he has not won many championships in his career, his in-ring ability is appreciated by all. The leader of the Balor club has always given love to superstars and so is loved by his fellow wrestlers as well.

Not only does he give everything he has to put up a good performance, he also fights every injury or medical issues to show his face to the WWE Universe again. After his return from injury, he gave the level of entertainment that nobody could in his absence which makes him one of the all time greats.

Who is Finn Balor wife and how is she related to sports?

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Finn Balor wife is a sports presenter

The inaugural Universal Champion, Finn Balor is married to long-time girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez. Finn Balor wife is a sports presenter and the two met during a sports event. The two started dating long time ago and kept their relationship very private.

In 2019, Balor married Rodriguez and broke the news through Instagram. Before that, in the same year, Balor and Rodriguez announced they were dating each other. Here’s what they said:

“Well, I think the big question is, on everyone’s lip is, Finn Balor and Verorockstar are actually dating for a long time. Is that true?,” Balor asked Rodriguez.

“Is that true? Yeah, it’s for a long time, actually,” Rodriguez responded to Balor’s question.

“So, does it really matter who is winning the championship? You got to think that I’ve already won in life,” Balor said.

After the couple’s marriage, Finn Balor wife then signed to WWE as a presenter while Balor continued with his career. Now, there is no news about Veronica being linked to WWE because the couple has been very personal about their personal life.

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