“Who the hell are you?”: When Sasha Banks was pissed off at Ronda Rousey

Former Women’s Champion Sasha Banks revealed that she had some real-life tension with Ronda Rousey.

ronda rousey
Rousey and Banks

Last year, Sasha Banks revealed that she did have an issue with Rousey! Banks had appeared on The Kurt Angle Show. The Olympic Gold Medalist had asked her whether there was any real-life heat between the two factions. While Banks did not comment much about the factions, but she did reveal that she had some tension with Rousey.

I was pissed off that Ronda Rousey could come in, get more money than me, bigger locker room than me, and bring all these people backstage and get more time than me. I’m like, ‘Excuse me! Who is you, and what you do?’ Besides respecting everything that she has done in the UFC and the fight world, when it comes to the squared circle, that’s my home,” Banks had mentioned.

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks have wrestled together

ronda rousey
Banks and Rousey

While colliding with Banks, isn’t one of the more iconic feuds of Rousey during her WWE run, the 2 Superstars have been in the ring together quite a number of times. There have been occasions where Sasha Banks has teamed up with Ronda Rousey, and also occasions where they were in opposite teams during Tag Team matches.

But in a singles match, Rousey and Banks have collided only once. At the 2019 Royal Rumble PPV, Rousey had defended her Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks. Rousey had emerged victorious in the match and it was also her first pinfall victory in WWE.

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