WWE Wrestlemania 37 results – Night One – 10/04/2021 (New Champions crowned, Lashley retains)

Checkout the WWE Wrestlemania 37 results for Night One. Two Championship changed hands while Lashley successfully defended his title.

Wrestlemania 37 results
Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to Wrestlemania 37

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was on the stage with the WWE Superstars. “Throughout this past year, our WWE Superstars performed tirelessly for you. Week after week, month after month they worked hard, but something was missing: the WWE fans. As we emerge from this terrible pandemic, on behalf of the WWE family, we welcome you to WRESTLEMANIA!” The live crowd erupts.

Bebe Rexha sings “America the Beautiful” with a guitarist. Some Superstars were visibly emotional during the performance. After a delayed start, due to a thunderstorm, Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan kicked off the show with a run-down of the entire card.

Bobby Lashley def. Drew McIntyre (retains WWE Championship)

Wrestlemania 37 results
McIntyre attacks Lahley and MVP

Lashley shoulder blocked McIntyre down, but McIntyre was right back on his feet. They go into the ropes, and McIntyre gave him a belly-to-belly overhead suplex before telling Lashley to stick it. They start shoving, and Lashley powered him to the corner and punches him. McIntyre reversed a whip to the ropes, but Lashley held on.

McIntyre clotheslined Lashley over the top rope. McIntyre followed him outside, and Lashley drove him into the barricade. Lashley peppered McIntyre with punches, so McIntyre chopped back at him. The crowd lets out the “WOO” chant with each chop.

Lashley slapped McIntyre in the face, but that just pissed off the Scottish Warrior. McIntyre came back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre hits another one, ducks a punch, and hits a neckbreaker.

MVP shouted at Lashley to focus. Lashley powered McIntyre up in a torture rack and slammed him down for a near fall. Lashley talked a little trash to McIntyre and got him to his feet. McIntyre came back with a Claymore Kick and charged, but Lashley crushed him with a one-armed spinebuster.

McIntyre reversed a whip and hit another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre quickly followed up with a the Future Shock DDT followed by two more but Lashley kicks out! Lashley looked like he’s out. McIntyre looked frustrated.

McIntyre counted down for a Claymore Kick, and the live crowd happily counted along with him. Lashley dropped down and got out of the ring. McIntyre then took out Lashley and MVP with a somersault senton.

McIntyre tried for a Claymore Kick, but MVP distracted him. Lashley avoided the Claymore Kick and applied the Hurt Lock. Lashley finally applied the dreaded Hurt Lock. McIntyre went to the corner, and kicked off. Lashley rolled through and kept the Hurt Lock applied! Lashley cinched it in and McIntyre was out so the referee called for the bell.

Natalya and Tamina win the Tag Team Turmoil match

Wrestlemania 37 results
Tamina and Natalya

Naomi and Lana started off against Billie Kay and Carmella. Naomi kicked away at Carmella and dropkicked her down. Lana tagged in and she kicked Carmella back before hitting a bulldog. Carmella fought back and whipped her down by the hair.

Kay talked trash and punched Lana before sending her into the ropes. Lana hit a head-scissor into a leg sweep. Naomi tagged in and hit a flying clothesline. Naomi tagged in, and they hit a double-team facebuster, but Carmella broke up the pin.

Naomi knocked Carmella out of the ring, but Kay rolled Naomi up. Carmella assisted in the pin to pick up the win. Lana and Naomi were eliminated.

The Riott Squad came in next. Morgan knocked Carmella down and dropkicked Kay. Kay knocked Riott out of the ring and elbowed Morgan down. Carmella tagged in and stomped Morgan down before doing a moonwalk and a bronco buster.

Kay tagged back in and hit a northern lights suplex. Kay rolled Morgan up, but this time the referee caught Carmella helping on the pin and stopped counting. Morgan punched Kay and hits a double knee lung blower. Riott his a senton off the top rope to eliminate Kay and Carmella.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came in next. Riott attacked them while making their entrance, but Rose quickly took her down. Brooke went to the top rope and hit a blockbuster. Morgan tagged in and clotheslined Rose down.

Morgan hit a step-up enzuigiri followed by a double knee in the corner for a near fall. The Riott Squad double-teamed Rose with a Riott Kick. Rose hit a superplex. Brooke hit a senton bomb, but Morgan rolled through and picks up the win as Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were eliminated.

 Natalya and Tamina were the final team to enter. Tamina punched Morgan and suplexed her into Natalya, who hit a powerbomb. Natalya lifted Morgan up and slammed her into the corner. Natalya and Tamina hit Riott with a Hart Attack. Natalya teased a Sharpshooter, but tagged Tamina in instead. Tamina hit a Superfly Splash on Riott for the win.

They will face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on Night Two.

Cesaro def. Seth Rollins

Wrestlemania 37 results
Rollins and Cesaro

Cesaro uppercut him at the sound of the bell and went for a Cesaro Swing, but Rollins fought it. Rollins quickly snapped the arm off the top rope and went to the top rope. Cesaro quickly cut him off with a dropkick.

Cesaro deadlifted him and went for a gutwrench superplex, but Rollins countered into a Buckle Bomb. Cesaro quickly popped up and went for a Cesaro Swing again, but Rollins fought up and hit a step-up enzuigiri. Rollins went for a Stomp, but Cesaro countered into the Cesaro Swing!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9… Cesaro’s arm gave out. Cesaro then applied the Sharpshooter in tribute to his former partner Tyson Kidd, but Rollins got to the bottom rope to break it up. The crowd chanted, “One more time.” Rollins went to the top rope and hit a corkscrew splash for a near fall.

Rollins set up in the corner and tried for a Stomp, but Cesaro popped up and crushed him with an uppercut! Cesaro signalled for a Cesaro Swing and started it up! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23! Cesaro followed up with a Neutralizer for the win.

AJ Styles and Omos def. The New Day (New Raw Tag Team Champions)

Wrestlemania 37 results
AJ Styles and Omos are the new Raw Tag Team Champions

Kofi Kingston started the match against Styles. Styles applied a waistlock, but Styles dropped down and hit a head-scissor. Kingston flipped over Styles and went for an SOS. Styles applied a side headlock, but Kingston countered out with an inverted suplex.

Kingston taunted Omos. Kingston twerked in the ring while Woods played the trombone. The New Day then started the Unicorn Stampede up on Styles. Styles fought up and went for a tag on Omos, but Woods stopped it.

Woods knocked Styles out of the ring and hit a baseball slide. The New Day went for a double-team, but Styles kneed Kingston in the head. Woods was terrified as Styles tagged in Omos.

Woods peppered Omos with kicks that had no effect on him. Woods hit a dropkick that did nothing. Kingston tagged in. Omos grabbed Kingston coming off the top rope and slinged him down. Omos laughed as he stood over the New Day.

Omos grabbed Kingston and hit a backbreaker on him. Omos lifted Woods up, and Styles hit him with a Phenomenal Forearm. Omos grabbed Kingston and crushed him with a double arm slam! Omos put a foot on Kingston’s chest and picked up the win.

Braun Strowman def. Shane McMahon

Wrestlemania 37 results
Strowman and McMahon

This is the first Steel Cage Match at WrestleMania since Hulk Hogan defended the WWF Championship against King Kong Bundy at WrestleMania 2.

Shane McMahon held the door closed so Braun Strowman couldn’t get into the Steel Cage. All of a sudden, Elias and Jaxson Ryker attacked Strowman with a steel chair! They beat his back and legs with the chair. McMahon pulled Strowman into the ring and took a chair.

McMahon hit Strowman mercilessly with the steel chair. McMahon went for a chairshot to the head, but Strowman blocked it. McMahon went to leave through the door, but Strowman cut him off. Strowman shouted that McMahon was going to get these hands.

McMahon used his swiftness to stay away from Strowman. McMahon started to climb the cage, but Strowman grabbed him. McMahon ripped a piece of sheet metal off the top of the cage and started beating Strowman with it.

McMahon went to leave through the door, but Strowman pulled him back in and slammed him down. Strowman sent McMahon into the cage wall twice before kneeing him in the midsection. Strowman lifted McMahon up for a Running Powerslam, but his knee gave out.

McMahon powered him into the cage wall and attacked the knee. McMahon then floored him with a DDT! McMahon went to the top rope and hit Strowman with Coast-to-Coast.

McMahon started to climb the cage. Elias and Jaxson Ryker climbed the outer wall to help him, but Strowman splashed the wall to knock them off. McMahon collapsed off the top and crashed to the mat.

There was a bag mounted at the top of the cage. McMahon took out at toolbox and crushed Strowman’s skull with it. Strowman fell off to the mat. McMahon started to climb over to the floor, but stopped to put his hand through the cage to wave bye-bye to Braun.

Strowman grabbed the hand, ripped of fencing off the steel cage, and pulled McMahon back into the ring! Strowman punched away at McMahon on the top rope. Strowman threw McMahon onto the top of the cage.

Strowman then flipped McMahon off the top of the cage to the canvas. Strowman said this was for every person that has ever been called stupid. Strowman scooped McMahon up and hit a Running Powerslam for the win.

Damian Priest and Bad Bunny def. The Miz and John Morrison

Wrestlemania 37 results
Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny punched Miz in the face to took him down. Miz got to his feet, and Bad Bunny applied a waistlock. Miz looked surprised and broke out, but Bunny punched him in the face a second time. Miz ducked and punched him in the corner.

Miz sent Bunny into the ropes and went for a hip toss, but Bunny landed on his feet and hip tossed Miz out of the ring! Miz looked embarrassed. Miz angrily got in the ring, and Bunny caught him with la magistral cradle.

Bunny then mocked Miz’ “AWESOME” line as Miz strategized with John Morrison. Bunny got on the apron and shouldered Miz back. Bunny hit the ropes and hit Miz with a wild head-scissor takeover.

John Morrison tagged in and charged, but Bunny attacked and kicked him in the head. Bunny charged with a running back elbow in the corner. Miz mocked him with a bunny hop. Miz applied a chin lock and threw him to the corner.

Miz tagged in and talked trash before punching him in the solar plexus. Miz hit Damian Priest. Priest tried to get in, but the referee stopped him. Miz and Morrison used the distraction to double-team Bad Bunny. Miz puts Bad Bunny in the corner and went for his patented corner clothesline, but Bunny booted him back.

Damian Priest tagged in and took Miz down. Priest punched Morrison down and connected with a clothesline. Priest got fired up and hit a pair of running back elbows. Bunny angrily ran in, but Morrison punched him. Priest and Bad Bunny then cut them off and hit stereo Broken Arrows.

Priest got Miz in the ring, but Miz hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale. But Bunny broke up the pin! Priest went for a tag, but Morrison pulled Bunny off the apron. Bad Bunny hit Morrison with Panama Sunrise on the floor.

Priest put Miz on his shoulders, and Bad Bunny tagged in. Bunny hit a cross-body block on Miz while Priest fell back and Bunny covered Miz for the win.

Bianca Belair def. Sasha Banks (New WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion)

Wrestlemania 37 results
New Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

The first WrestleMania main event featuring two African American women began with Banks and Belair being clearly emotional. They lock up, and Banks powered Belair to the corner. Belair shoved her away.

Belair hit the ropes and caught Banks who was going for a leapfrog. Belair took her down and went for a standing moonsault. Banks hit the ropes and went for a wheelbarrow bulldog, but Belair countered into a double underhook. Banks quickly countered out and knocked Belair out of the ring.

Banks went for a baseball slide, but missed. Belair grabbed Banks and put her on her shoulders on the apron, but Banks slid off and drove her into the ring post. Banks hit a nice suicide dive, but Belair rolled through and lifted Banks! Belair pressed her up, walked up the stairs with her, and threw Banks into the ring!

Belair scooped her up and did some squats while saying she’s the EST. Banks grabbed the long ponytail, viciously kneed her in the face a few times, and hit a running knee for a near fall. Banks hit a snapmare and went for a chin lock, but Belair powered out.

Banks slid out of the ring grabbing the long ponytail of Belair. Belair yanked her head back and pulled her into the ring steps. Banks tried for a double knee against the barricade, but Belair moved. They get into the ring at the count of eight.

Belair lifted her up for a delayed vertical suplex. Belair bounced her off the top rope a few times. Banks tried to knee out, but Belair powered her back up twice.

Banks kicked her in the back and snapped the arm off the bottom rope. Banks dragged her out of the ring and sent her into the steps. Banks puts her in the ring and shouted at the commentators. Banks tied Belair’s ponytail around her arms before applying a Bank Statement!

Banks said she was not the EST. Belair powered Banks to the corner and shouldered her. Belair put her on the top rope, but Banks fought back and pushed her off. Belair rolled through and went for a handspring kick, but Banks put her in the tree of woe and stomped the knee.

Banks went for a double stomp, but Belair avoided it. Belair set up on the top rope and connected with a 450 splash. Belair lifted Banks up for a KOD, but Banks slid off and grabbed the hair. Belair ripped her hair back and whipped Banks in the midsection with the ponytail.

Banks jumped on her back, but Belair countered into the KOD for the win. Bianca Belair becomes the new WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion. Fireworks erupted around the Raymond James Stadium as Night One comes to an end.

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