MrBeast to Mentor Elon Musk? Check out the conversation here!

Yes this is not a joke or a fake morphed news, this is true and Elon Musk has openly accepted that he wants to quit his job and become a INFLUENCER!!

Elon Musk and Mr Beast
Elon Musk and Mr Beast

Yes, you read it right, pretty shocking right, but it’s true that MrBeast has made an official statement on his Twitter handle that he is going to mentor Elon Musk. MrBeast and Elon Musk have made into breaking news many times, like last time MrBeast made headlines when he had done free giveaway of Tesla cars for many of his subscribers.

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MrBeast is a great character and he has a very funny personality, it will be fun if MrBeast mentors Elon Musk about making YouTube videos as everyone knows Elon Musk is a guy with extreme Intelligence and wittiness so he might be a good and fast learner too about the valuable YouTube lessons.

What did MrBeast do?


Well, this statement came after a Twitter account tweeted a tweet that if MrBeast replies to his tweet he will do a giveaway of 20$.

Well, he didn’t but later when a Twitter user tweeted and attached a screenshot while sharing a fact that Jake Paul did 5 million in 6 months while MrBeast did it only 5 days.

To which MrBeast replied “lol” in a funny way.

What reply did MrBeast get from Elon Musk?

Well, it was normally funny till here as these types of things happen a lot on the internet that Influencers interact with their fans but things escalated quickly when suddenly out of nowhere Elon Musk replied to Mr.Beast’s “lol” tweet with an emoji as”🙏”.

Watching this twitterati went crazy and spam of tweets flooded in about this reaction of Elon Musk. It’s not over here, fans even suggested to them that “You two should actually Collab”

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All netizens were already in shock about Elon Musk’s reply when the man himself replied again in a light and sarcastic manner that he is thinking of quitting all his jobs and becoming a full-time influencer..he tweeted “thinking of quitting my jobs & becoming an influencer full-time wdyt”. This reply was enough for the netizens to make this tweet viral again and bring the so-called real-life “Ironman” into the spotlight again.

The interactions were on when MrBeast himself replied to Elon Musk that he is ready to mentor him and coach him on how to become a YouTuber and an influencer. He tweeted “I’ll coach u on how to get YouTube views!”

This fun interaction was maybe short enough but it was enough for their followers to create a wave of craze..hey Elon if you don’t have that much of a time to get coaching from MrBeast so we have already linked a video about him talking about how to get more views on youtube, please check it out when free!!

Well, this was just a light humor incident but you may never know that in the future a social media influencer may mentor the richest person on the planet. It will be a treat to watch when MrBeast Will teach Elon Musk how to make videos for YouTube and get views on it.

Let’s wait and watch what happens in the future.

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