Yoga : Strength To Mind And Soul

Yoga : Strength To Mind And Soul

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Human life is so stressful these days. In thirst of achieving more, we are losing our peace. We are leaving our present life and focussing more on our future, which is responsible for corruption of mind and soul.

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Inspite of spending our time in lap of nature, we have created our own world on social media. Instead of doing our daily work by own, we choose to go in gyms to keep ourselves fit. But you ever thought that as we keep our outer appearence so perfect, in the same way our inner soul and our mind also required to be in perfect mode. Yoga is the ultimate solution for a healthy soul and sharp mind.

The popularity of yoga is still unbroken and unquestionable. It is not only a physical activity, but instead a method to discover our deepest inner selves and find connection with our state of being. The practice of being helps our mind forget about doing and focus on finding the perfect inner peace.

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Yoga sessions often start with a short period of meditating that helps preparing both our body and mind to the upcoming exercises – hence, negative energy passes, giving way to positive vibes flow. Mind gets cleared and spirit slowly moves into a balanced zone which is key for the perfect self-control and makes being easier.

So on this auspicious day of ‘International Yoga Day’ we should take a pledge to keep our soul healthy and spread the awareness of yoga to our students, our colleagues, our staff members, our relatives and all those who should need to know.

#Happy International Yoga Day#

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