‘You have very good skills’ Rafael Nadal to 5-year-old tennis prodigy from India

World No.2 Rafale Nadal applauded Indian 5 year old Viviktha Visakh after watching her play tennis.

Rafael Nadal (left), 5 year old prodigy Viviktha Visakh (right)

Viviktha Visakh, who is just 5 years old, received appreciation from one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Rafael Nadal. The little star’s tennis practice session attracted the attention of Nadal and Kia Motors, who have been long-time collaborators.

The 19-time Grand Slam Champion, who is en route to win his 13th French Open title, congratulated Visakh on her incredible tennis skills. “Kia and I want to give you a gift to motivate you to keep working hard,” said the Spaniard who seemed blown away by young Viviktha’s talent.

Rafael Nadal appreciates young Viviktha’s skills

In his response to the talented youngster, Nadal, looking amazed at her skills says, ”Hello Viviktha, how are you? I love seeing how dedicated you are to your tennis. You have some very good skills and you are only 5 years old. So Kia and I want to give you a gift to motivate you to keep working hard. I hope you enjoy the prize. Stay safe and see you soon.”

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Viviktha’s parents comment on Rafa’s appreciation of their daughter’s talent

Viviktha Visakh

Viviktha’s father, V S Visakh, has assumed the responsibility of training his daughter. He is a former state junior champion in tennis and is also a certified coach. The young star’s parents were so amazed at Rafa’s acknowledgment of their daughter’s talent. 

Her proud father told IANS in an exclusive interview that “This certainly will be a huge motivation for all of us especially Vivi for whatever she goes on to with her life in future. This unbelievable appreciation and recognition for talent can only make kids believe in themselves and work hard.”

“I am 34 now and my wife also plays tennis. Vivi right from early childhood liked tennis and since she was interested, we used to take her often. This video from Nadal is certainly an inspiration not just for my daughter, it should motivate all interested in tennis,” concluded Visakh.

If Viviktha keeps working like she is during this lockdown, the future of Indian tennis seems to be in safe hands.

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