“You’re not Miami if your first priority isn’t winning” Jimmy Butler expresses unsatisfactory views on LA Lakers 2020 triumph

Jimmy Butler talks about the Heat's mentality and positive attitude of winning

Jimmy Butler

The 2020 Bio-bubble playoffs had its own charm. Players were completely isolated from the rest of the world. The title run for the Los Angeles Lakers was indeed full of adventures. The Lakers beat Miami Heat in the finals to finally be crowned as the NBA champions in the 2020 regular season. With all the praises scribbled around the Lakers, Miami heat deserved heir part of credit as well. Miami had been at their prime and most unexpectedly made their dream run but unfortunately fell short by two games in the finals. Yet their leader, Jimmy Butler still feels, they should have gotten over the Lakers.

During the finals, Miami was down by 2 when they bounced back in their 3rd in the most unpredicted manner. Making some its best plays, their superstar Jimmy Butler, led the team inching towards the finals ring. To the contrary, LeBron James on the other end had made up his mind for the title. The head strong Lakers made their best possible efforts and clinched their deserving trophy.

Do Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat stand any chance in the East?

During a recent interview, Butler revealed, “I think everybody in our organisation, you won’t be on Miami Heat if your number one priority isn’t winning. Not everybody, but we’re for one another and that’ why that sh*t works”. He added, we still think we should have won and we were down a couple of guys.”

In the finals, the Heat was down their star shooter and ball handler, Goran Dragic. They really missed his performance on the court.

The Eastern Conference is the most dynamic part of the league. With Brooklyn Nets making huge trades, it’s been a really challenging half of the league. Although Butler has been a lead for the franchise, it’s really a pricking path down their Conference finals. Only if the Heats give in their absolute all in for the run, they stand chance in the East.

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