Yuvraj gives ‘Kitchen 100’ challenge to Sachin Tendulkar


Recently, Yuvraj started the ‘keep it up’ challenge on Twitter which required players to juggle a ball with cross-bat. He tagged Legend Sachin Tendulkar and his x-teammate Harbhajan Singh to take the challenge further. In response, Master Blaster gave a terrific reply as he was asked to do it again ‘Blind-Folded’.

On Sunday, Yuvraj came in with a good response for Sachin Tendulkar. He shared a video on social media and completed his challenge and given a new challenge to God of Cricket.

He was seen in the video in which he bounced the ball 100 times with Rolling Pin while he was blindfolded. He claimed he did 100 juggles in the Kitchen and challenge back to Sachin to break his record.

“Master you have broken so many records on the field!! time to break my record of 100 in the kitchen! Sorry couldn’t post full video cause it will be too long to count 100 paji back to you hope you don’t break other things in the kitchen @sachintendulkar,” Yuvraj wrote as he challenged Sachin.

While Sachin is yet to respond to Yuvraj’s unique challenge, veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh came up with a cheeky reply in the comments section taking a light-hearted dig at Yuvraj, Harbhajan wrote, “You can see through it.” to raise doubts on the authenticity of Yuvraj’s blindfold.

Yuvraj Singh and Sachin Tendulkar played together a lot of matches for the Indian team. Yuvraj Singh won the title for India in The 2011 World Cup as the best All-rounder of the tournament. Sachin Tendulkar retired from all forms of the game in 2013, Yuvraj retired last year after being out of the Indian team for a couple of years.


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