Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen engage in friendly banter over Frank Lampard and Chelsea

Kevin Pietersen has expressed his full support for Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. Yuvraj Singh too joined into the conversation on Twitter.

Frank Lampard is under serious threat of being sacked

Chelsea will be facing Luton Town in the FA Cup next in a must win game for them. The blues defeated Morecambe by four goals to nil in the third round.

It’s competition which might have some hope left for the London club as the Premier League looks to slip away from their hands.

Kevin Pietersen and Yuvraj Singh talk about Frank Lampard’s crisis situation

With the form that Chelsea are currently in plus Frank Lampard unable to implement his tactics it’s quote expected to see him receive heavy criticism from the fans and critics alike.

The former Chelsea player has been targeted extensively by the media and is being labelled as finished with other prospective managers already being named.

In such a situation former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has expressed his full support to Frank Lampard. Pietersen quote rightly has aided with Lampard saying that the media should not rule out Lampard as Ole Gunnar Solskjær too had such a problem and now they are at the top of the table.

Too this Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh teased Pietersen by saying if he was hurting with the results. However Petersen responded by saying that it’s unfair for the media to criticize Frank Lampard like the way they are doing at the moment.

Yuvraj Singh too in the end extended his support towards Frank Lampard and acknowledged that it’s a long season and the table can turn at any point of time.

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