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“A combination of both”: Zion Williamson names LeBron James and Michael Jordan along with two others in his favorite dunkers list

Zion Williamson names top 4 dunkers

Zion Williamson

A lot of players get up to the rim and shatter it with their explosive dunks. Different players have different abilities to finish at the moment. Coming to dunking, a very few players have ability to dunk on some of the best defenders. Sophomore Zion Williamson is one such player known for his aggressive dunks. The New Orleans Pelicans’ young gun Zion Williamson has been dominating with some of his explosive dunks in the league already. Recently he named some of his favorite dunkers including LeBron James and Michael Jordan.


Zion Williamson is yet to dunk on some great players in the league. But still, the teenage sensation has become one of the most emerging dunkers in the list. Zion Williamson named LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Dominique Willkins in his plausible All-Time list. These were some of the names that inspired young Zion Williamson.

Zion Williamson expresses in front of Shannon Sharpe

20-YO Zion Williamson recently opened up in front of Shannon Sharpe about his favorite dunkers in the NBA. Naming the top 4 athletes he also reasoned what they earned their spot in his motivation list. He said, “I’m gonna go mixing it between dunk contest and in-game, a combination of both. Mike [Jordan], gotta have Mike up there. I’ll put Dominique [Wilkins] up there as well. Got to put Bron [James] up there, just respect, a lot of in-game posters, crazy athletic. And my fourth one, Vince [Carter].” Jordan, Bron, Wilkins and Carter happen to be the best of their era.


Zion Williamson reasoned why LeBron James deserves the spot more than anyone else. He added, what makes a great dunker, I think being able to do it when nobody is there. You’re playing 5-on-5 in an NBA game, and you’re able to go dunk. People will say, ‘Oh it looks easy’, but it’s actually not, it’s not easy doing that. I think for those players to do it in-game and when they’re just by themselves. That adds to a lot how I judge you.”Zion Williamson was reasonable with his pick. Vince Carter impressed everyone with his aerial dunks while Wilkins emerged in the 1985 dunk contest. Jordan and Bron have been very impactful on Zion Williamson’s career.

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