Zion Williamson trailing behind NBA legend Michael Jordan to match epic NBA Record

Zion with bright future trailing behind NBA Legends like Michael Jordan

Zion Williamson and Michael Jordan

Zion Williamson, the talk of the town last season is making his presence felt. He was pulled out last season from the regular games due to a tragic injury. This definitely deprived his race to the rookie of the season last year. A tough contest between him and Ja Morant would have been such a tussle. Despite recovery he wasn’t impactful. But the way he is playing this season has attracted everyone’s attention. The New Orleans Pelicans are all over in the league with his contribution. Now he is being hyped for his stature matched with Michael Jordan.

Young Williamson initially faced a lot of criticism because of his bulky body. He was exposed to hurling comments for not being competent enough to be playing in the league. Yet his brilliance has silenced each of them. Later during the off season the news of Zion shredding weight was aired. It was pretty much in talk. With a vertical like Zion’s, greatness is predicted. Similar to Michael Jordan one of the best to play in NBA ever, Zion has gotten a kick start early in his career. Williamson now has another 20+ point game to his name. He is the second player to have most 20-point game in 46 career games.

Zion Williamson right on the toes of Michael Jordan

Zion Williamson finished today with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists against the Houston Rockets. This is remarkably one of the best run for any young star so early. The Pelicans crushed Rockets with a 29-point lead at the end. CBS Sports highlighted about Zion and Jordan where they revealed the stats. After a slow start, New Orleans are on the look for vengeance this season. They have hunted down many teams already.

Pelicans’ marquee player Zion Williamson is averaging 23.5 points per game and 7 rebounds to add to it. The exciting young unit at Pelicans is desperate to accomplish. His dominance and bully kind of game has attracted the attention. He is being contrasted with some of the greats right now. If this form continues, his bight career is just hard work ahead.

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