Aaron Boone RIPS umpire Hunter Wendelstedt for his “embarrassing” ejection in Yankees-Athletics game

Aaron Boone was unhappy with the decision of umpire Hunter Wendelstendt and called him out in the press conference.

Aaron Boone RIPS umpire Hunter Wendelstedt for his “embarrassing” ejection in Yankees-Athletics game

Aaron Boone (L) and Hunter Wendelstedt (R) [Image via Imago]

In a dramatic turn of events on Monday, Aaron Boone was ejected from the game by umpire Hunter Wendelstedt. The official gave the coach his marching orders after just five pitches into the match against the Oakland Athletics.

Umpire Wendelstedt earlier had some words with the 53-year-old coach and gave him a warming. He would later hear something from the dugout and thinking that it came from Boone, he decided to toss the New York Yankees manager out of the game.

However, replays showed that it was indeed a fan sitting behind the dugout who said something and not Boone. This led to strong complaints from him and the Yankees stuff but the official was having none of it.

It turned out to be the second ejection of Boone this season and his 35th overall in seven seasons with the Yankees. In the press conference, he would rip the MLB official for his decisions and called his ejection as “embarrassing“.

I really didn’t even go after Hunter. I was more upset at the appeal. I said, ‘Hunter, you can call it, too.’ He came back at me pretty hard, to which I didn’t respond. I just said, ‘OK.’ Went down. It's embarrassing... Just not good.
Aaron Boone said.

The Yankees would end up losing the game 2-0 to the Athletics. A two-run home run by Zack Gelof in the ninth inning turned out to be the winner for the A’s. This defeat saw the Yanks fall down to second from the top of the division table for the first time this season.

Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt explains his decision to eject Aaron Boone

After Aaron Boone was thrown out of the game by home-plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, everyone was waiting to hear what he had to say to this. While Boone expressed his displeasure in the decision, Wendelstedt backed his actions and claimed Boone is “responsible” for everything that happens in the dugout.

Hunter Wendelstedt and Aaron Boone
Hunter Wendelstedt (L) and Aaron Boone (R) [Image via MassLive/Imago]

As per reports from Bryan Hoch, Wendelstedt claimed that this was not the first time he has ejected someone from the game and doubled down on his decision.

Aaron Boone is the manager of the New York Yankees and is responsible for everything that happens in that dugout. Apparently what he said was there was a fan right above the dugout. This isn’t my first ejection. In the entirety of my career, I have never ejected a player or a manager for something a fan has said. 
Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt said.

This explanation from Wendelstedt has ignited a huge debate on social media. Several fans have backed Aaron Boone and urged the MLB to take some action regarding this decision from him. It remains to be seen whether the league will look into this matter or not.

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