Editorial Team

Nikhil Sonmali firstsportz
Nikhil Sonmali

Nikhil is the NFL editor at FirstSportz. He recently completed his Master’s in Sports Management and has worked in multiple sports-related domains.

He is currently intrigued by the sport of American Football (NFL). He is trying to understand why and how this sport connects so deeply with people. An eternal sports lover, he has a curious mind to learn about different sports and their different sides, right from their different domains about sports business, sports management, and on-field play analysis. When he is not following his love for sports, he is busy following his other endeavors like movies, anime, books, and trekking.

Lakshya Chopra firstsportz
Lakshya Chopra

Lakshya Chopra is the lead Sports editor at FirstSportz. His life revolves around sports, and being a sportsperson, he treasures the smallest aspects.

He can talk about Formula 1, Football, NBA, or any sport besides NFL and Tennis. Rafael Nadal’s ‘Bull’ mentality brought him closer to sports, so naturally, he could talk about the Spaniard’s greatness for hours. He still gets nightmares recalling the 2017 Australian Open Final, Tom Brady’s magical comebacks, and the last lap of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Beyond sports, he loves traveling and exploring new things.

Justin P Joy firstsportz
Justin P Joy

Justin P Joy is an F1 and NASCAR head and editor at Firtsportz. He completed his BA Honours degree in Economics from the Central University of Karnataka in 2022.

He is an ardent fan of every sport that demands the perfect balance between mind and body. Football and Motorsports are his first loves. Blessed with curiosity, he always digs deep into every match-up’s emotional, cultural, and political aspects. He explores the world, sci-fi, and astrophysics when not around sports. He also likes to travel to new places and meet new people.

Ajinkya Aswale firstsportz
Ajinkya Aswale

Ajinkya Aswale is a combat sports editor at FirstSportz, blending his love for sports and reading seamlessly into his work. With an MBA in Finance, he initially ventured into finance before diving into sports journalism. He’s spent over a year as a boxing editor, refining his expertise.

Outside work, Ajinkya enjoys writing, music, and playing instruments. He dreams of exploring the world and sharing his adventures through any medium available. Ajinkya embodies a diverse individual passionate about combat sports journalism and eager to showcase his explorations globally.

Kaushani Chatterjee firstsportz
Kaushani Chatterjee

Kaushani Chatterjee is an editor and content manager for US Sports at Firstsportz. Just a year ago, she dipped her toes in the NHL, MLB, and Golf world after completing her MA in English literature.

Being an ice sports lover, her interest pulled her into figure skating, races, and NHL, later delving down into different sports. Currently, as a sports head in her section, she is enjoying her time learning and managing the team. During her free time, one can find her binge-watching anime, reading manga, or planning to travel.

Syed Talib Haider firstsportz
Syed Talib Haider

Syed Talib Haider is an Editor at FirstSportz and has been in the Sports and Media industry since 2020. Talib is a budding sports journalist who has authored over 1000 articles and edited more than 1500 articles so far. “Football is an emotion, and writing is a passion,” growing up, this is what led him towards sports journalism.

He loves to write and talk about Tennis, F1, Cricket, MMA, and NBA. Additionally, he loves to play Football. Although Talib is primarily a Football enthusiast – having been a Liverpool fan for over a decade now – he also follows other sports. If not found working, you will likely find him reading a novel, watching Liverpool play, or playing Football.

Vinay Dave is an Editor for US Sports at FirstSportz. His life has been revolving around sports since a very young age.

A BAMMC graduate from Mumbai, he can talk about Cricket, Football, WWE, Kabaddi, NHL, Golf, and MLB. When not working on sports, one can find him watching some anime or listening to classics from the Golden Era.

Nidhin Shibu firstsportz
Nidhin Shibu

Nidhin Shibu is an editor and writer specializing in MMA and Boxing. With over one year of experience editing articles on these sports, he connects them to pop culture. His deep passion for MMA started in 2017, triggered by the Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones fight.

Nidhin’s literature background drives his love for storytelling, which he intertwines with MMA narratives. He previously freelanced in sports content writing for a year and enjoys watching thriller series, films, and anime, aspiring to write thrilling stories one day.

Vitasta Singh firstsportz
Vitasta Singh

Vitasta Singh is the editor of the tennis department at FirstSportz. Experienced editor/content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the Content writing industry. Skilled at multitasking and have a sharp eye for details (grammar, spelling, tonality, etc).

Vitasta has previously worked with top media organizations like Essentially Sports, Sportskeeda, and more. You will find her exploring new things and binge-watching psychological thrillers when not working.

Suteekshan Joshi firstsportz
Suteekshan Joshi

Suteekshan Joshi is the content manager and editor for the WWE division at FirstSportz. His passion and love for sports have driven him closer to the media industry. From being a WWE fan since age five to representing his state in national-level chess competitions, Suteekshan has a knack for living life to the fullest.

Apart from being a WWE fan, Suteekshan is also an eSports enthusiast, having won the ESL 2018 CR Lan. You can find him binge-watching comedy series/movies when he’s not working or playing.

Rishabh Bhatnagar firstsportz
Rishabh Bhatnagar

Rishabh Bhatnagar is a sports journalist with around 5 years of experience in the field, predominantly related to the NBA, Football, and Cricket. He has worked in multiple major platforms, is a lawyer by degree, and is a published novelist who has written 3 coming-of-age fiction books.

Rishabh’s interest in the NBA developed after he initially fell in love with the LA Lakers’ brand of basketball under Kobe Bryant, and has carried over to the modern era due to the extent of unique superstars the league has seen in recent years. With high expertise in the sport and the English language, Rishabh is highly ambitious and hopes to establish himself as a bona fide authority in Sports.

Vansh is a WWE writer and editor at FirstSportz. He has a remarkable flair for crafting engaging and compelling content. With a love for WWE that dates back to 2009, a deep appreciation for sitcoms, a passion for the game of cricket, and a penchant for diving into the world of novels.

Vansh writes with enthusiasm about the world of professional wrestling and brings the same to the FirstSportz team.