WATCH: Adam Copeland starts training for his comeback just 12 hours after successful surgery 

Adam Copeland is already hitting the gym shortly after undergoing surgery.

WATCH: Adam Copeland starts training for his comeback just 12 hours after successful surgery 

Adam Copeland begins training after surgery (via AEW)

Adam Copeland defended his AEW TNT Championship against Malakai Black at Double or Nothing 2024. The match took place inside a barbed wire steel cage. The grueling battle comprised several hardcore spots, one of which fractured the Rated-R Superstar’s tibia.

A video of Copeland’s recovery process after successfully undergoing surgery on his leg is making the rounds on the internet. The 50-year-old can be seen walking around the crutches, and he claimed that he is experimenting with what his body can do at the moment. He had already started training merely 12 hours after the surgery. 

Adam Copeland will also be missing the upcoming Forbidden Door pay-per-view. He claimed that since he couldn’t walk through the forbidden door at the show, he created his own forbidden door. He showed that he had pasted a post-it note on his gym door with the name of the pay-per-view.

The formerly known Edge claimed that he could still do planks in the gym despite his injury. He further showed off his new gym equipment, which allowed him to maintain his grip on one leg. The former TNT Champion seems to be healing well and should soon be on his way back to AEW to reclaim his currently vacant title. 

Dutch Mantel reveals how Adam Copeland got injured at Double or Nothing

The wrestling world was shocked to see Adam Copeland perform such a dangerous elbow drop from the top of the barbed steel cage despite being 50 years old. Although the former WWE star has made a career out of doing such spots, he made a fatal error at Double or Nothing.

Adam Copeland Malakai Black
Adam Copeland vs. Malakai Black (via AEW)

Speaking on his Story Time with Dutch Mantel podcast, the wrestling veteran said that he had long been predicting that AEW would see a death within the company one day. However, this time, it was Copeland who made a grave error while jumping off the steel cage. 

While Malakai Black was laid out on the table, the former WWE Champion had to dive towards him and stretch out to reach his opponent. However, he did not do that, and Dutch Mantel could not figure out why. He speculated that Copeland simply had a brain freeze and forgot. This led to him diving straight down, landing on his legs, and breaking a bone. 

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