“Will be back soon,” Adrien Broner vows to redeem himself after crushing defeat

Adrien Broner doesn't seem to be demoralized after his crushing defeat and has promised to make a comeback.

“Will be back soon,” Adrien Broner vows to redeem himself after crushing defeat

Adrien Broner vs. Blair Cobbs (image credit- Boxing Scene)

Adrien Broner found a glimmer of optimism as he trained with Gervonta Davis and Calvin Ford for the fight against Blair Cobbs last weekend. Yet, following a severe defeat and the loss of a tooth, his future looks bleak. Despite this setback, the ex-world champion has demonstrated the resilience of a true athlete. Indeed, he has made a pledge to return. Following his defeat via a unanimous decision, Broner’s prospects for major matches may be dwindling. 

Nonetheless, at the age of 34, the resident of Cincinnati is resolute about returning to the ring, a sentiment he shared in a social media update today. On one side, a pompous and outspoken Broner had warned of potential gun violence against Cobbs during their recent press conference. However, following this defeat, his demeanor has undergone a drastic change.

I see everything more clear and I have a better understanding with myself “The Problem” will be back soon! 
Adrien Broner via Instagram

Right after the fight, Broner was in denial saying that his opponent did not defeat him even after the beatdown he received. Subsequently, he now appears to have accepted his fifth professional loss. In addition, Adrien Broner now pledges to embark on the correct journey by seizing the chances available to him.

In June 2023, Broner returned to the ring against Bill Hutchinson, securing a victory through a unanimous decision. This was after a crushing defeat to Manny Pacquiao in 2019, after which he was on the verge of quitting. However, his recent defeat does not seem to have the same effect. 

Adrien Broner reveals injuries

Following his most recent defeat, numerous individuals from the combat sports world have reignited discussions regarding Broner’s decision to retire. This is understandable, considering his recent performance was among the most humiliating in his career. 

Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs
Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs (image credit- Bad Left Hook)

Throughout the match, Broner appeared hesitant, fearful of how Cobbs might defend against his strikes. For every blow Broner struck, Cobbs returned with four. As such, this led to a one-sided fight where Broner received a beatdown. After the fight, the former champion revealed several injuries he received in the fight.

Broner shared his story on Instagram and revealed having a fractured elbow and a torn shoulder. However, despite these injuries, the boxer claimed to have fought Cobbs. As such, the injuries cannot be confirmed but appear to be the reason behind his loss, according to Broner.

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