“Slap Tony’s d*** out of your mouth,” WWE legend goes off on Chris Jericho in fiery critique for slamming CM Punk’s lawyer

CM Punk's backstage incident after AEW All Out is still sparking controversy.

“Slap Tony’s d*** out of your mouth,” WWE legend goes off on Chris Jericho in fiery critique for slamming CM Punk’s lawyer

Chris Jericho and CM Punk (via Cageside Seats)

The AEW drama is still going strong, and now it’s opening new stories and chapters. This time it involved WWE legend Jim Cornette and current AEW superstar Chris Jericho. They had a heated exchange on social media regarding the CM Punk ‘controversy.’

The whole dispute started with Punk’s lawyer, Stephen P. New, and Jericho on X, where they exchanged some words on the incident that happened after AEW All Out 2022. Stephen argued that every wrestler backstage has signed a non-disclosure agreement, and so has Jericho. However, Y2J straight-up denied this and berated Stephen for not doing proper research.

Now, Jim Cornette has also joined the heated argument as he bashed Jericho, for completely denying the truth and said that he can’t forget the impact Punk left on AEW. He also insulted Y2J by telling him to stop being Tony Khan’s yes-man.

God, Chris, it’s Xmas–slap Tony’s d*** out of your mouth, you’ve got his Dad’s money the next 10 years & the Buckaroos will still let you play with the cool kids. You don’t have to tell the truth, just QUIT LYING, Punk is sorry he made a difference in AEW business & you haven’t.
Jim Cornette to Chris Jericho on X

CM Punk was involved in a lot of controversy in AEW as he had a backstage altercation with some of the top AEW superstars. The final nail in the coffin was Punk’s physical altercation with fellow AEW superstar Jack Perry, as he was released by Tony Khan. Even after his return to WWE at Survivor Series, the heated exchanges about this incident are still catching fans’ attention. 

Chris Jericho Praised AEW superstar Kenny Omega for his professionalism on social media

Chris Jericho is known for his fearless nature and attitude on social media. Now, he has praised AEW’s top star, Kenny Omega, for his professionalism.

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho
Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho (via AEW)

WrestlePurists shared a post on X stating that Kenny was very lucky to be alive after going out in the arena. He was diagnosed with diverticulitis, and going out there would’ve turned out bad for him as he could’ve gotten a blood infection.

And yet he still insisted on going to the ring to do a promo. For all of his fans the night before, because he was advertised on AEWDynamite. That's the type of professional he is.
Chris jericho on Kenny Omega on X

Y2J commented under this tweet and said that even though his life was in danger, he still came out to address the fans, hence praising his professionalism. Although it may seem like a normal appraisal from Y2J to Kenny, some fans noticed he took an indirect shot at Punk for describing him as unprofessional.

More news regarding Punk’s infamous backstage brawl is coming out on the surface. It will be interesting to see what chapters are yet to be disclosed in this controversy. One thing is for sure: this incident has negatively affected the company and will be remembered for a long time.

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