Mercedes Mone reportedly garnered backstage heat in AEW even before her debut at Big Business

The Boss' foretelling didn't sit well backstage in AEW.

Mercedes Mone reportedly garnered backstage heat in AEW even before her debut at Big Business

Mercedes Mone and Tony Khan [via- Fightful Wrestling]

Tony Khan‘s AEW family drew a big scalp in Mercedes Mone this week at Big Business. The cat was already out of the bag in regards to her impending debut. The viewership didn’t seem to do justice, with the show averaging 798,000 viewers. However, Mone’s quarter peaked at over a million viewers, and she delivered quite the message. Despite her triumphant arrival, The CEO has allegedly upset a lot of people at AEW.


Dave Meltzer underscored the interview Mone had just days before she showed up in Boston. In that conversation with ‘The Kick Rocks Wrestling’ podcast, the 34-year-old explicitly claimed that she’s going to be back in WWE one day as she has some unfinished business. Meltzer, while speaking on his Wrestling Observer podcast, said that it wasn’t the best thing she should’ve done politically.

Her journey with All Elite Wrestling was about to get underway, and those comments seemingly rubbed people at AEW the wrong way. The veteran journalist also stated that there’s a distinctive ideology among those who work for the Jacksonville-based promotion. Some of them actually want to stay loyal to AEW and remain vigilant in case the kitchen sink is thrown at them.

Wise men do think alike but that may not apply to the ever-so-competitive realm of professional wrestling. Having said that, the remaining crop of AEW Superstars work under the impression that they’re going to make money until they get a call from WWE.


And Dave affirmed that the latter ideology has been detrimental to AEW’s ambience. Mercedes Mone‘s contentious remarks certainly accrued skepticism among a bunch of people in the company. However, no one’s going to remember it if she turns out to be a success.

What deal did AEW present to lure Mercedes Mone?

A day after she turned up at AEW Big Business, the former Sasha Banks attended the Boston Celtics vs. Phoenix Suns game at the TD Garden. She was shown on camera under the labeling of an AEW Superstar. Some details regarding her contractual agreements with AEW have been revealed.

Mercedes Mone
Mercedes Mone [via- Wrestling Inc on X]

Per WON, an unnamed WWE woman reached out to them and stated that the money Mone’s about to make would make her the highest-paid women’s wrestler in history. The Boss’ agent also disclosed that WWE did make an offer to her.

It was a generous one, but The Blueprint opted against it as AEW was offering more leeway in terms of creative, opportunity, and mental health. Her WWE colleagues, namely Bayley, Naomi, and Tamina, were also there in person to support Mercedes upon her AEW debut.


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